Partner with our CellModel Services team to get custom-made validated assays developed and compounds screened for your stem cell-based discovery projects.

Whether you prefer to provide PSCs, differentiated stem cells, or have us generate stem cell lines for you, we can develop unique stem cell-based assays utilizing a broad array of assay technologies.

Our stem cell screening services enable rapid profiling of your compounds against many assay technology platforms offered by Life Technologies.   Compounds will be profiled as 10-point dose-response curves in duplicate or triplicate.

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Customized Stem Cell-Based Assays

We have s a broad range of assay tools that can be implemented with PSCs or their differentiated progeny to interrogate disease-relevant biology such as cell viability, cell proliferation, apoptosis, autophagy, generation of reactive oxygen species, mitochondrial function, ion transport, pathway signaling, gene expression, protein expression and post-translational modifications.

Examples of assays that can be developed:

Ion Transport
Gene Expression
Pathway Analysis
Post-Translational Modification

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