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Join our free member rewards program

Offering one free full-size trial product per year, discounts, rewards, and resources to help advance your science and career

Free full-size trial product

Choose one free full-size trial product.

Rewards and discounts

Earn points to use toward product discounts and Aspire rewards catalog items.

Career accelerators

Access our tailored resources to advance your scientific career.


Free full-size trial product

As an Aspire member, you can order one free full-size product from thousands of selections in our trial catalog, including kits, dyes, gels, enzymes, antibodies, and more! Your order is completely free, no points required. Enroll today and get access to:

  • An online catalog of nearly 20,000 trial products
  • Future discounts on products you trialed
  • A direct line to expert support staff to help you choose and trial products

Rewards and discounts

As an Aspire member, you can earn points whether you are a decision-maker on purchases, place orders, or simply use products. Earn points by:

  • Entering lot numbers of the products you use in your lab
  • Ordering qualifying products on; points are automatically added to your account
  • Taking surveys and providing user feedback

Career accelerators

As an Aspire member, you'll have access to a collection of benefits and educational resources designed to boost your scientific career. Benefits and resources include:

  • Substantial discounts on poster printing and other services
  • Scientific training courses specific to your area of research
  • Skill-development tools including video tutorials, planning aids, and checklists

* Terms, conditions, and restrictions apply to all benefits. Learn more ›