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Phadia 1000 Instrument

Testing for Allergen Sensitization

Designed to aid in the diagnosis of allergic diseases by providing test results with clinical relevance in a large, cost conscious laboratory

Part of the family of PhadiaTM Laboratory Systems, the Phadia 1000 instrument is a dedicated ImmunoCAP™ assay system for the detection of over 600 specific allergic sensitizations. It is capable of storing large volumes of reagents and ImmunoCAP carriers on board.

The Phadia 1000 instrument allows laboratories with high volumes of allergen sensitization testing to produce consistent and reproducible results.

Ideal for high throughput laboratories that deliver 2,000–10,000 tests per week

Phadia 1000 instrument delivers a range of benefits, all with a size and capability that make sense for your laboratory:



  • Throughput: 240 results/hour
  • Continuous random access
  • All reagents stored on board
  • 28-day storage of calibration curves
  • Connectable to laboratory automation systems
  • Clustered set-up for increased capacity


  • Excellent consistency over time and between countries, systems, laboratories and users
  • Remote diagnostics via Phadia LabCommunity
  • One of the largest quality assessment programs in the world

Phadia 1000 Instrument Features

  1. 20 sample racks (10 positions per rack) for loading patient samples and quality control samples
  2. Loading tray (162 positions) with automatic bar code reading of ImmunoCAP™ carriers
  3. Reagent pipette tray (8 positions) for loading ImmunoCAP carriers during assay run
  4. Protective cover to prevent interruptions during assay runs
  5. Conjugate compartment for 8 vials, with automatic barcode reader, is temperature controlled
  6. Development solution compartment (2 bottles) is temperature-controlled 
  7. LCD, logical and intuitive instrument management
  8. Integrated storage for wash and rinse solution, as well as solid and liquid waste containers 
  9. ImmunoCAP test storage area (600 positions) is temperature-controlled and ensures stability and reagent quality until expiry date
  10. Barcode reader for complete traceability of reagent lot number 
  11. Shelf protection to simplify handling and cleaning


Not shown in picture:

  1. Integrated loading area for stop solution bottles and container for used carriers
  2. Stand-alone PC for Phadia Prime software, connectable to mainframe Laboratory Information Systems (LIS)


Phadia 1000 Instrument Capability


Phadia 1000
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Understanding allergic diseases

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