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ImmunoCAP™ Allergy Solutions

Allergy diagnostics from a world leader in allergy

From rhinitis to asthma to immunotherapy and more… Use the gold standard in in-vitro allergy diagnostics to help optimize your patient management.1

From a leader in allergy diagnostics

Explore the ImmunoCAP testing portfolio

ImmunoCAP testing is the product of over 50 years of research and development, aiming to give you clinically accurate and relevant testing options for the patients you serve every day.

ImmunoCAP Specific IgE

The gold standard in in-vitro allergy diagnostics with more than 500 whole allergen and allergen mixes and 100 allergen component tests which can be performed irrespective of a patient’s age, skin condition, medication, disease activity, and pregnancy.1-7


A multiplex specific IgE test that provides allergic sensitization results for over 100 allergen components from 48 different allergen sources, all from a single 30 µl sample of serum or plasma.8

ImmunoCAP Rapid

A quick and user-friendly near-patient specific IgE test with a high capability of identifying patients who may have clinically diagnosed allergies.9,10

ImmunoCAP Specific IgG4

Specific IgG4 testing that can provide valuable clinical information on whether the immune system is responding during allergen-specific immunotherapy.11,12

ImmunoCAP Tryptase

A unique marker that measures the total level of tryptase released by mast cells into circulation, aiding in the diagnosis of mastocytosis as well as providing insight into whether mast cell activation occurred during a severe reaction. Additionally, tryptase provides information that can inform venom immunotherapy (VIT) administration.13-15


A powerful test that quantitatively measures Eosinophil Cationic Protein (ECP) in human serum.16  ECP has been used as a clinical marker in asthma and may help assess disease activity and severity of airway inflammation.17

ImmunoCAP Specific IgG

Specific IgG testing that can be used as a marker for exposure in interstitial lung diseases such as extrinsic allergic alveolitis (aka hypersensitivity pneumonitis) and chronic pulmonary aspergillosis (CPA).18-21

ImmunoCAP Total IgE

A fully quantitative test that measures the overall quantity of circulating IgE in the blood, which can be used as an aid in the clinical diagnosis of IgE mediated allergic disorders, complementing the information provided by clinical findings and specific IgE testing.22

ImmunoCAP Phadiatop & ImmunoCAP Phadiatop Infant

Convenient atopy tests, optimized for patients over and under the age five, respectively, who suffer from allergy-like symptoms.23-26

These products may not be cleared for use in your country. Please contact a sales representative for information about specific product availability.










Analyzed on reliable Phadia™ Laboratory Systems

Specifically designed for allergy and autoimmune diagnostics, ImmunoCAP and EliA tests are processed on highly scalable Phadia Laboratory Systems, providing you with results that you can trust. 

Relevant resources

Tools to aid in your diagnosis and patient management.

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