Laboratory Testing for Connective Tissue DiseasesMaking a Measurable Difference 

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The identification of antinuclear antibodies (ANA) is of central importance for the clinical diagnosis of connective tissue diseases (CTD), also called ANA-associated autoimmune rheumatic diseases (AARD), consisting of systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE), Sjögren's syndrome (SjS), systemic sclerosis (SSc), autoimmune myositis, and mixed connective tissue disease (MCTD). 


EliA™ CTD assays offer numerous advantages. High sensitivity and specificity of results for the most clinically relevant markers that can be applied with confidence. Latest publications show that the addition of EliA CTD assays to conventional ANA detection by IFA improves the diagnostic accuracy significantly.1,2  


Why choose Thermo Fisher Scientific as your partner in connective tissue disease diagnostics?

The state-of-the-art portfolio for the diagnosis of CTD—quality you can trust

  • The EliA™ CTD portfolio is manufactured in our own center of excellence using innovative recombinant protein technology, which enables the production of large, reproducible lots while ensuring a protein’s conformation and post-translational modifications. This leads to superior quality and clinical performance.3

Most specific portfolio, helping you put the patient first

  • Several EliA CTD assays* have consistently been demonstrated to have the highest specificity across numerous publications.2,4-8 In rare diseases, such as CTDs, specificity is crucial to ensure patients are accurately diagnosed and receive the most effective treatment sooner. 

A portfolio optimized for routine testing laboratories

  • The EliA CTD portfolio* is comprised of the most clinical relevant markers to aid in the differential diagnosis of CTDs.1,8 With full automation of the extensively validated  EliA™ CTD screening tests and reflex testing to the individual markers, Phadia™ Laboratory Systems enable your lab to maximize workflow efficiency and throughput while minimizing turnaround time.

*The EliA CTD portfolio consists of EliA™ CTD Screen, EliA™ SymphonyS test, EliA dsDNA test, EliA™ Ro test, EliA™ Ro60 test, EliA™ Ro52 test, EliA™ La test, EliA™ U1RNP test, EliA™ RNP70 test, EliA SmDP-S test, EliA™ Scl-70S test, EliA™ CENP test, EliA™ Jo-1 test, EliA™ Rib-P test, EliA™ Fibrillarin test, EliA™ PCNA test, EliA™ RNA Pol III test, EliA™ PM-Scl test, EliA™ Mi-2 test and EliA™ DFS-70 test

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