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Phadia 2500+ series Made to maximize

Phadia 2500 instrument
Introduction to Phadia 2500+
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These products may not be cleared for use in your country. Please contact your sales representative for information about specific product availability.


When your laboratory has a growing demand for 10,000 or more tests per week, the Phadia 2500+ series* is made for you.

It maximizes your productivity with options to run both EliA and ImmunoCAP™ tests in parallel on a single lab instrument. Run any combination of tests on each sample. Continuous random access allows you to add samples, reagents, and consumables during the run without disrupting your high-throughput workflows. With the Phadia 2500+ series, rapidly increasing demands won’t slow you down.


The Phadia 2500+ series comprises three configuration options, giving you the flexibility to order your instrument to fit your testing needs whether for ImmunoCAP™ only (Phadia 2500), EliA™ only (Phadia 2500EE), or a combination of both (Phadia 2500E).


Phadia 2500 testing instrument closeup
Technician using Phadia 2500 testing instrument


  • Throughput up to 480 ImmunoCAP results/hour or up to 300 EliA results/hour.
  • Continuous random access.
  • Refrigerated on-board reagent storage and 28-day stored calibration curve.
  • Onboard dilution (EliA).
  • Network multiple Phadia™ instrument for clustered** setup for efficient handling.


  • Large allergen test menu covering more than 500 whole allergens and mixes and 100 allergen components.
  • Broad, clinically relevant autoimmunity menu for evaluation of more than 50 of the most common autoimmune disease markers.
  • User-configurable reflex testing functionality.
  • LIS connectivity via Phadia™ Prime software.


  • Excellent consistency over time and between countries, systems, laboratories, and users.
  • Support and troubleshooting enhanced by the secure Phadia LabCommunity connectivity.
  • Quality Club: One of the largest global quality assessment programs.

*The Phadia 2500+ series comprises the Phadia 2500, Phadia 2500E, and Phadia 2500EE instruments.

**Cluster setup allows several Phadia instruments networked together to be operated with one Phadia Prime computer.



Phadia 2500+ series capability

Phadia 2500 testing instrument walk away time diagram

Throughput up to 480 ImmunoCAP test results/hour or up to 300 EliA test results/hour.

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