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Phadia 200 instrument
Introduction to Phadia 200
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Made to measure for any lab bench

Does your lab need to increase capacity but have little space to spare? The Phadia™ 200 instrument is made for you.

It has the smallest footprint of all the Phadia Laboratory Systems yet has access to our comprehensive portfolio of up to 650 ImmunoCAP and EliA tests. It runs on your benchtop and is designed to fit in compact spaces while delivering full automation and quantitative results.

The Phadia 200 instrument also fits into any workflow, enabling you to smoothly expand your test capacity, run specialty tests, and conduct research without affecting the lab’s routine workflow.

Phadia 200 instrument. Made to measure.


Check out the features that make the Phadia 200 instrument right for your laboratory
Instrument Details
Reagent Carousel
All reagents and samples are placed in one carousel with automatic barcode scanning for more convenience and reagent control.
Instrument Touchscreen, Phadia Prime Software, and Status Indicator Light
All relevant information is available at the hands of the operator via the instrument’s nine-inch touchscreen.
Climate-Controlled Processing Chamber
Maintains a temperature of 37° C with low humidity for optimal ImmunoCAP allergy and EliA autoimmune testing conditions.
Reagent Loading, ImmunoCAP and EliA Carrier Loading, and Starting the Run
Less than 15 minutes of operator time is needed to set up the system and start the run to produce up to 192 tests per day.
Load Sample Area
Reduces hands-on time, minimizes errors, and provides full traceability for every test.
ImmunoCAP and EliA Well Carrier Trays
ImmunoCAP and EliA carrier trays hold up to 96 carriers in one tray and are automatically scanned for full traceability.
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Phadia 200 testing instrument left view
Phadia 200 testing instrument top view
Phadia 200 testing instrument right view


  • Small footprint for flexibility in workspace configuration.
  • Capable of running our complete diagnostic testing menu.
  • Invest in the future with access to a growing number of ImmunoCAP and EliA tests.
  • Stand-alone operation, network connected or in a cluster* networked with other Phadia instruments to fit your workflow.


  • Walk-away capability from testing—full automation from sample scanning to final results.
  • Reduced risk for human error with increased automation.
  • LIS integration to ensure streamlined workflows. 
  • Automated release of approved test results, enabling you to deliver results to your customers quickly.
  • Process up to 42 samples at a time and provide up to 192** test results per day.


  • Provides quantitative results of clinically relevant antibodies that are traceable to international reference standards.
  • Proven data consistency over time for ImmunoCAP and EliA tests.
  • 28-day stored calibration curve.
  • Support and troubleshooting enhanced by the Phadia LabCommunity connectivity.
  • LIS connection for efficient and safe data transfer.

*Cluster setup allows several Phadia instruments networked together to be operated with one Phadia Prime computer.

**96 ImmunoCAP test results per batch or 48 EliA tests results per batch.



Phadia 200 instrument capability


ImmunoCAP tests

2 x 96 results per day  


EliA tests

2 x 48 results per day

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