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Phadia Academy

Education and Training for the Lab

We understand the barriers to adoption when it comes to new high-end analytical instruments, laboratory equipment, software, services, consumables, and reagents for the lab. That’s why we’ve developed the Phadia™ Academy, an online learning platform designed to:

  • Support lab professionals with training and development on allergy, autoimmune diagnostics, and Phadia Laboratory Systems.
  • Assist customer-led systems training to empower individuals and help reduce user errors in the lab.
  • Provide continuing education modules across several learning tracks designed to challenge the lab and encourage excellence.

Phadia Academy is optimized for use on your mobile device for your convenience.

Responsive Phadia Academy


  • Content on allergy, autoimmune diagnostics, and Phadia Laboratory Systems



  • Use Phadia Academy to train your lab staff teams, including sales and marketing teams where applicable



  • Access with a personal ID for dedicated technical and scientific training
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