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Phadia  LabCommunity 

Minimize the risk of losing valuable time.  

Developed to provide real-time support , Phadia™  LabCommunity is a software application enabling connection and communication between the Phadia™ Laboratory Systems and remote Thermo Fisher Scientific Service teams. It improves laboratory productivity through reduced downtime for the instruments and enhanced quality of service and support.   



Enable support by Thermo Fisher’s global experts



Quick, expert, remote support and troubleshooting. 


Pre-service call analysis and preparation for preventive maintenance visits. 


Automatic reporting of approved Quality Club results. 


Reduced downtime, by ensuring issues can be investigated and resolved before dispatching service engineers for on-site service.



How Phadia LabCommunity works



Data from instruments connected to Phadia LabCommunity is available to the Thermo Fisher Scientific service and support team, via the Phadia LabCommunity server, to facilitate troubleshooting of instrument and test performance.


Data integrity and security is ensured by thorough security measures, such as secure server connections, removal of patient data, encrypted data transmission, user permission control, and activity logging.

These products may not be cleared for use in your country. Please contact your sales representative for information about specific product availability.