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Phadia 200 Instrument

A small footprint.
a big step forward in benchtop automation.

The Phadia™ 200 instrument is designed and engineered in Sweden and is the smallest of our fully automated instruments – small enough to fit on a benchtop, and yet capable of running up to 650 different ImmunoCAP™ and 35 EliA™ tests (with more to come) to aid in the diagnosis of allergy and autoimmunity conditions.

Phadia 200 is specifically designed to run both ImmunoCAP and EliA assays. Maximize flexibility in your lab with our smallest fully automated instrument to date.


Fits into any workflow

The Phadia 200 instrument fits into any workflow whether you want to retain control of your own samples, increase your testing flexibility, or improve operational efficiencies through instrument automation. It provides a simple way to easily expand the range of tests you offer and the numbers of tests you run, in limited space, with little training time and with the same high-quality, quantitative results you can expect from any of our Phadia™ Laboratory Systems.

Small footprint. Big on flexibility.

  • Small footprint for flexibility in workspace configuration
  • Run our growing portfolio of both ImmunoCAP and EliA tests
  • Create unique test menus
  • Invest in the future with access to a growing number of ImmunoCAP and EliA tests
  • Stand-alone operation, network connected or cluster with other Phadia instruments to fit your workflow

Small footprint. Big on efficiency.

  • Walk away from testing - full automation from sample scanning to final results
  • Reduced risk for human error.
  • LIS connection for efficient and safe data transfer
  • Train quickly and work efficiently with Phadia™ Prime operator software
  • Straightforward data reporting enabling you to deliver results to your customers quickly
  • Process up to 42 samples at a time and provide up to 192* test results per day

Small footprint. Big on confidence.

  • Provides quantitative results of clinically relevant antibodies that are traceable to international reference standards
  • Proven data consistency over time for ImmunoCAP and EliA tests
  • Calibration curves valid for 28 days
  • Remote troubleshooting and support via the Phadia™ LabCommunity application
  • LIS integration to ensure streamlined workflows

Phadia 200 instrument features

  1. Pipette for sample and reagent aspiration and dispensation
  2. Reagent carousel holding sample tubes, reagents and dilution plates for onboard sample dilution
  3. Process chamber where the immuno-and enzyme reactions takes place
  4. Computer touch screen for full stand-alone operation
  5. Robotic arm
  6. Carrier scanner for identification of carriers
  7. Carrier tray for loading up to 96 ImmunoCAP or EliA carriers
  8. Power switch
  9. Handheld barcode reader for identification of reagents

Phadia 200 Walkaway Automation and Daily Throughput


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