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Phadia 2500 Instrument

Designed for high demand laboratories to run assays to aid in the diagnosis of allergy and autoimmunity

Part of the family of PhadiaTM Laboratory Systems, Phadia 2500 instrument makes it possible for your laboratory to match the growing need for allergen sensitization testing with reliable and accurate results. With two process lines run in parallel, Phadia 2500 instruments meet the demand for high throughput in labs running large volumes of ImmunoCAPTM and EliATM assays. There are three configurations of the Phadia 2500 instrument that reflect your assay needs; ImmunoCAP only, EliA only, or a combination of ImmunoCAP and EliA. This offers your laboratory the ability to tailor a high-throughput solution that reflects your test demand.

Ideal for high throughput laboratories that deliver 10,000–25,000 results per week

The Phadia 2500 instrument delivers a range of benefits, all with the capability and functionality that make sense:



  • Capacity per process line: 240 results/hour (ImmunoCAP)
  • Capacity per process line: 150 results/hour (EliA) 
  • Continuous random access
  • All reagents stored on board 
  • 28-day storage of calibration curves
  • Onboard dilution (EliA) 
  • Clustered set-up for increased capacity


Phadia 2500 Instrument Features

  1. Rack input/output module (160 racks) — Loading area for patient samples, quality controls, ImmunoCAP and EliA wells, calibrators/curve controls
  2. Pipette tip rack input
  3. Cooled ImmunoCAP and EliA well carrier storage (2 x 450 positions)
  4. Development storage (2 x 2 positions)
  5. Cooled conjugate positions (2 x 8 positions) automatic barcode reading
  6. Barcode reader for traceability of reagent lot number
  7. LCD for instrument management software
  8. Wash tank, automatic refill function
  9. Handheld barcode reader for traceability of reagent lot number
  10. Stop solution position (2 positions)
  11. Washing solution concentrate & washing solution additive bottles

Not shown in picture:

  1. Integrated loading area for stop solution bottles, washing solution concentrate and washing solution additive
  2. Fixed pipe connections for purified water and drain
  3. Stand-alone PC for Phadia Prime software, connectable to mainframe Laboratory Information Systems (LIS)

Phadia 2500 Instrument Capability 

Phadia 2500
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Understanding allergic diseases

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