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A Guide to Understanding Allergen Component testing
Allergies can be confusing. Luckily, allergen component testing provides a deeper insight into what specific proteins may be causing an allergic reaction.
Stand for food allergy inclusivity on Halloween
For the one in thirteen children with food allergies and their parents, Halloween trick-or-treating can bring out a serious and real fear.
How to Become a Food Allergy and Asthma Advocate
Thomas Silvera, president and co-founder of the Elijah-Alavi Foundation, shares how personal loss prompted a desire to teach others the importance of advocating for children with food allergies and as
A Parent’s Guide to Managing Allergies and Asthma During COVID-19
If you’re a parent of a child with allergies and asthma, you may be worried about how that may increase your child’s risk of COVID-19-related illness. Read our guide for the latest recommendations.
How to Make the Most of Your Appointment with a Healthcare Provider
A review of the latest research about effective asthma care. A specific focus is given to the importance of trigger identification.
What Are Pollen Allergies?
Pollen is one of the most common triggers of seasonal allergies. Learn more about what they are, their triggers, and how to deal with them.
Pollen Count: Answers to Four Frequently Asked Questions
Pollen count is an index of the amount of pollen in the air, published chiefly for the benefit of those allergic to it.
What Is Asthma?
Did you know that asthma changes airways over time? Learn how this common diseases affects air flow and how you can manage symptoms to help mitigate attacks.
6 Facts About Asthma
Did you know asthma affects more than 26 million Americans? Learn more facts about this common disease.
Allergy-Induced Asthma
Discover the link between asthma and allergies, and what you can do to help manage symptoms.
Food Allergy vs. Food Intolerance
A food allergy is different from a food intolerance, and knowing exactly which one you have could save your life. This article will tell you more.
Pet Allergy Symptoms
What causes pet allergies, and does having them mean you can never have a pet of your own?
Egg Allergy and Baked Goods: Can I Eat Them?
If you are allergic to certain proteins in eggs and milk, you could potentially consume baked versions of those foods.
Can You Have Allergies in Winter?
From dust mites to furry animals, there are a handful of year-round allergens that can cause symptoms during the winter.
Is it the Flu, Novel Coronavirus or Allergies?
The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) is, understandably, on all of our minds. But despite worldwide focus on the virus, we should also be mindful of the other conditions that can cause respiratory symptom
Social Distancing Is Best Practice. What Does it Mean for Allergies?
Since you’ve been sheltering-in-place, you’ve also been sneezing or sniffling. Could it be allergies? What allergic triggers are hiding in plain sight in your home?
How to Deal With Allergies
Dr. Lakiea Wright shares tips on how to minimize seasonal and year-round allergy symptoms.
How to Grocery Shop and Cook After a Food Allergy Diagnosis
Allergy Insider provides tips and tricks for shopping and meal prep after being diagnosed with a food allergy.
How to Prepare for a Food Allergy Emergency
Get prepared for a food-allergy emergency. Follow these tips to remain calm and in control during an allergic reaction.
How to Read a Food Label: Tips for Allergy Sufferers
Do you know how to spot allergens in a food ingredient label? Read on to find tips and tricks for decoding ingredient lingo.
Living with Food Allergy Anxiety
Lisa B. Rosenberg, a licensed child and family therapist, discusses the signs of food allergy anxiety and offers management suggestions.
How to Talk to Your Doctor About Allergies More Effectively
Kortney Kwong Hing shares tips and tricks for talking to your healthcare provider more effectively about allergies.
What Scientific Literature Says About Diagnosing Food Allergies
Allergy Insider reviews what the experts have to say about interpreting and ordering food allergen tests for food allergy diagnosis and management.
The Science Behind Allergy Diagnostics
Allergy insider explains what Specific IgE tests measure and how allergy component testing can help a patient better understand their food allergy.
What the Saharan Dust Storm Means for Allergy Sufferers
What’s the difference between a dust storm and a dust mite allergy? And what should people with allergies be concerned about?
Is Seeing Your Doctor Safer Than Going Grocery Shopping?
With an end to COVID-19 nowhere in sight, is it safe to see your healthcare provider for an in-person visit? We spoke to a doctor to gain insight.
Five Spring Allergy Myths and What They Mean For You
It might not be just outdoor allergens contributing to allergy symptoms during spring pollen season.
Five things you need to know about COVID-19 vaccines and allergic reactions.
If you have allergies, you may be wondering if it’s safe to get a COVID-19 vaccine. Allergist Dr. Lakiea Wrights tells you what you need to know.