Quality Control with LabLink xL

The secure, cloud-based solution for peer-to-peer comparison*

LabLink xL is the dedicated peer QC solution for Binding Site controls run on the Optilite® System. Providing a more real time review for controls, allowing the laboratory to monitor their mean values for precision and accuracy within a peer-group using the same system and the same lot of the same assay kit

Timely and real-time QC insights

Identify trends and shifts faster to stay ahead of potential issues, complementing external quality assurance (EQA) schemes

Facilitates alignment

Enables affiliated groups to stay aligned with each other, ensuring consistent and accurate QC practices across your organization

Reporting and analysis tools

Option to receive automated email reports or notifications when reports are ready for download

Seamless access

Access online at any time, using secure login credentials

As an integral part of laboratory testing quality assurance programs, peer comparison plays a crucial role. It entails comparing test results between laboratories to detect and rectify any systematic errors or biases that may exist.

LabLink xL provides comparison of the accuracy and precision of analytical processes between laboratories and peer groups.


Perform all your daily QC activities inside LabLink xL with interactive charts and graphs. Generate these reports on-demand or set the system to automatically generate reports e.g. at the beginning of each month for every active configured QC control lot. The generated reports can be automatically emailed to your inbox. Alternatively, choose to receive a notification when the reports are ready for download.

The standard reports available in LabLink xL include the following: 

Product Specifications
Method Performance and Sigma Score
Individual Lab Report
Monthly Summary Report
Levey- Jennings Report
Youden Plot Report
Statistical Summary Report
Exception Notes Report
Affiliated Lab Report
Affiliated Exception Notes Report

Technical Specifications 

Product Specifications
Percentage Bias – Percentage difference between your observed test results and your lab’s target mean
Coefficient of Variation (CVI) – Compares your lab’s CV to your target CV to evaluate precision with respect to your chosen target
Standard Deviation Index (SDI) – Compares your lab’s mean to your target mean to evaluate accuracy with respect to your chosen target
Sigma – Indicates how much your data varies from the total allowable error limit by calculating the number of standard deviations in a given test system that fit within your chosen quality goals

Z Score – Measures how many standard deviations away an individual QC result is from the target mean

No installation requirements: LabLink xL is a web-based solution so any PC with web access can be used
Available in 15+ languages

Manual data entry or csv file data transfer. Download data direct from the Optilite system to a secure USB device and upload to LabLink xL


Why perform peer to peer comparison?

Product Specifications
Quality control: Peer comparison helps to ensure that laboratory test results are accurate and reliable
Accreditation: Supports peer comparison as part of laboratory accreditation.
Economical: Peer comparison is an economical tool for laboratories, allowing early detection of potential shift in results

Why use LabLink xL?

Product Specifications
Applicable to all special protein parameters that are part of Binding Site assay portfolio
No patient data is displayed or transmitted, all peer information is anonymized for end users
Allows affiliated groups to create their “own networked group” based on country or organization
Secure and cloud-based Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encrypted
Permissions hierarchy with multiple levels of user access


*This product has not been cleared for sale in the USA, EU or other countries and is not commercially available. Future commercial availability cannot be guaranteed


*This product has not been cleared for sale in the USA, EU or other countries and is not commercially available. Future commercial availability cannot be guaranteed
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