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Ion AmpliSeq™ HD Library Kit

Catalog number:  A37694

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The Ion AmpliSeq HD Library Kit is designed for generation of amplicon libraries for use as part of the Ion AmpliSeq HD sequencing workflow. The kit is compatible with custom panels created using the Ion AmpliSeq Designer tool ( and sequenced using an Ion GeneStudio S5 Series instrument. Ion AmpliSeq HD technology enables scalable polymerase chain reactions (PCRs) from 12- to 500-plex in a single well (1000-plex in two wells), with sample input amounts as small as 1 ng and a level of detection down to 0.1% depending on the sample source.

Key product features include:
• Custom design creation
• Ultra-high sensitivity detection
• Dual-barcoded sample multiplexing
• Bi-directional sequencing

Custom design creation
The Ion AmpliSeq Designer tool can now be used to create custom designs for use with Ion AmpliSeq HD technology. The designs are made-to-order and allow the user the flexibility of creating region designs, hotspot designs, or fusion designs. These designs are one- or two-pool designs and recommended for use with samples obtained from cfDNA , cfRNA, cfTNA, or FFPE.

Ultra-high sensitivity detection
Ion AmpliSeq HD technology is capable of ultra-high levels of detection down to 0.1%. These detection levels have been observed for cfDNA controls with known variants using an input amount of 20 ng. Levels of detection for other sample types, such as FFPE, will vary.

Dual-barcoded sample multiplexing
The Ion AmpliSeq HD Library Kit includes reagents for generating amplicons using Ion AmpliSeq HD primers, which are used to prepare libraries for sequencing. The libraries are dual-barcoded at the 5’ and 3’ ends using the Ion AmpliSeq HD Dual Barcode Kit 1-24, which enables the multiplexing of up to 24 samples in a single chip.

Bi-directional sequencing
The Ion AmpliSeq HD Library Kit also provides sequencing information from both strands. This enables better error correction and higher confidence in the quality of your sequence data.
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


For Use With (Equipment): Ion GeneStudio™ S5 Plus System, Ion GeneStudio™ S5 Prime System, Ion GeneStudio™ S5 System
Libraries: Targeted Sequencing Library
Sequencing Type: Genome & DNA Sequencing
Shipping Condition: Dry Ice
Starting Material: DNA
Workflow Step: Library Generation
Product Line: AmpliSeq™

Contents & storage

1 x Amplification Mix (4X)
1 x SUPA Reagent
2 x Low TE

Store at -5 to -30°C.