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Ion AmpliSeq™ HD Dual Barcode Kit 1-24

Catalog number:  A37695

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The Ion AmpliSeq HD Dual Barcode Kit 1-24 provides a set of 24 unique dual-barcode primers designed and validated for optimal performance with Ion GeneStudio S5 series sequencers. This barcode kit enables up to 24 samples to be multiplexed on a single chip. The barcode kit is only compatible with the Ion AmpliSeq HD Library Kit and should not be used with any other library kit.

Key product features include:
• Enables multiplexing of up to 24 library samples on a single sequencing chip
• Dual barcoding at both the 5’ and 3’ end for enhanced sample tracking
• Barcodes have been sequence- and flow-optimized for equal representation of all barcodes within a pool
• Provided in a single-use 96-well plate for ease of use

Sample multiplexing
Sample multiplexing using the Ion AmpliSeq HD Dual Barcode Kit 1-24 allows for multiple samples to be run on the same chip, thus decreasing the amount of reagent used on a per sample basis.

Use of dual-barcodes has been shown to provide greater confidence in sample tracking and enhances the ability to detect any cross-barcode events. The barcodes are added at the 5’ and 3’ ends as part of the library preparation protocol.

Sequence- and flow-optimized
The Ion AmpliSeq HD Dual Barcode Kit 1-24 contains primers with unique sequences that have been optimized to provide equal representation of all barcodes in a pool, with a minimum number of flows. This helps achieve economical multiplexed sequencing runs.

24 single-use dual-barcodes in a 96-well plate format
The dual barcodes come in a sealed 96-well plate. Spacing of the barcodes prevents cross-barcode mixing and enables easy access to individual barcodes. A single reaction is provided in each well, which prevents the contamination challenges faced when using multi-use tubes.
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


For Use With (Equipment): Ion GeneStudio™ S5 Plus System, Ion GeneStudio™ S5 Prime System, Ion GeneStudio™ S5 System
Libraries: Targeted Sequencing Library
Sequencing Type: Genome & DNA Sequencing
Shipping Condition: Room Temperature
Starting Material: DNA
Workflow Step: Library Barcoding
Product Line: AmpliSeq™

Contents & storage

One 96-well plate containing dual barcodes

Store at -5 to -30°C.