Protection from head to toe

Delivering dependable safety and security solutions for more than 50 years, we offer a comprehensive portfolio of products for any industry.

  • Breadth – Full product suite, for a wide range of radiation detection needs. 
  • Quality – Designed and manufactured for a lifetime of use in the harshest environments. 
  • Experience – Industry expertise, serving the industry for more than 50 years.
  • Innovation – Introducing new technologies and solutions focused on improved safety, efficiency, and usability.

Dose monitoring

Radiation dose monitoring is crucial in any facility where radiation therapy or research is conducted to ensure the safety of both staff and the public. By monitoring radiation doses, potential overexposure can be detected and mitigated promptly, minimizing the risk of adverse health effects. Additionally, dose monitoring enables the optimization of radiation protocols, leading to more effective and efficient procedures while minimizing unnecessary radiation exposure.

Digital dosimetry

Our new digital dosimetry service customizes seamlessly to your facility needs, eliminates the need to collect and redistribute badges, and simplifies investigations with up-to to-the the-minute exposure information.

  • User wears badges indefinitely
  • Badges are automatically read, in real-time
  • Exposure issues are identified immediately after it occurred
  • No employee time lost as correction action can be taken immediately

Active dosimetry

Protect your employees with electronic personal dosimeters that deliver real time radiation monitoring in most critical areas of your facility. The Thermo Scientific EPD TruDose Electronic Personal Dosimeter monitors gamma and beta radiation in any environment where workers need to monitor their personal exposure to radiation, with improved accuracy and simplified operation over previous generations of EPDs. EPD TruDose personal radiation monitors are available with or without telemetry and integrate with many different systems, including ViewPoint and webREMS.

Passive dosimetry

For over more than 40 years, we have been delivering TLD cards, readers, and detector materials to a wide range of customers around the world.  Thermo Scientific Harshaw TLD Dosimeters are available in un-mounted forms (rods, chips, powders, micro-cubes and pelletized disks), as well as fixed into multi-element aluminum cards, extremity dosimeters, or mounted singly on a Kapton substrate. Harshaw TLD Dosimeters are flexible Unmatched flexibility to meet your exact application need.

Threat detection

Our products are lab-proven and field-ready to address a wide range of public safety and security threats. Our range of product options can meet the specific needs of first responders, fire departments, law enforcement, military, and other safety agencies to help ensure that your personnel are well equipped and can respond quickly, accurately, and safely. 

  • Portable—pager-sized detectors are easy to carry and go with you wherever monitoring is needed
  • Configurable—units can be customized to matchfor a wide variety of applications
  • Easy-to-use—highly intuitive user interface helps ensure rapid adoption and wide-spread use

Handheld detection with minimal nuisance alarms

Our compact, portable radiation detection and identification instruments, featuring patented Natural Background Rejection (NBR) technology are able tocan detect, locate, and identify radioactive nuclides such as nuclear weapons, dirty bombs, and orphaned or purposely masked sources in any varying a variety of environments.

Browse our portable radiation detectors or use our product selector to find the right instrument for your application. 


Employees who work in radiation-controlled areas of nuclear power plants and nuclear facilities can become contaminated with trace amounts of radiation on their bodies, clothes, and equipment. To prevent the spread of radioactive contamination beyond the controlled area and keep outside areas secure, we offer a range of personnel contamination monitors to survey the body, hands and feet, small and large articles, and laundry.

Mitigate the threat, keep workers safe

The permanent closure of a nuclear power plant is a labor intensive and potentially hazardous endeavor. To decommission a nuclear facility in a safe, secure, and environmentally friendly manner, steps must be taken to ensure the radioactivity level is residual. Advanced, integrated radiation detection and radioactivity measurement instruments, as well as chemical analyzers, help mitigate the threat and keep workers safe. To learn more about how these tools are used to ensure a nuclear facility's safe removal from service, download the free eBook, A Practical Guide to Radiation Safety During Nuclear Power Plant Decommissioning.  

Area monitoring

Our portfolio of environmental radiation monitoring and detection equipment and customizable solutions help prevent the spread of radioactive contamination and protect facilities, employees, and the public. Our continuous environmental monitors help keep your facility safe and outside areas secure. We offer radiation measurement systems to clear personnel quickly in radiation-controlled areas. Airports, seaports, storage and other facilities rely on our radiation monitors to detect concealed illicit nuclear materials.

Featured video: More than 50 years of history

Hear from customers who have relied on Thermo Scientific radiation equipment to keep their employees, facilities, and the public safe.

Scrap & waste management

Our experience, equipment, and expertise can mitigate the risk that contaminated materials will affect you, your facility, or your business. From portal and conveyor belt monitors to personal radiation detectors, we have you covered.

  • Radioactive sources can frequently show up at recycling facilities.
  • These sources threaten works and can end up in recycled material, threatening consumers and increasing your business liability.
  • Multiple points of inspection are needed – from vehicles entering to various steps in the process.