Gibco media, reagents, and supplements for cytogenetic analysis

  • Optimized and prequalified for cytogenetics
  • Designed for high mitotic index
  • Offer excellent chromosomal morphology
  • Designed to produce clear, reproducible results that are easy to analyze and interpret

Gibco media, reagents, and supplements are specifically formulated and application tested by an independent laboratory to deliver clear, reproducible results in standard clinical cytogenetic protocols. Each media has been designed and optimized for the analysis of amniotic fluid cells, chorionic villus samples, bone marrow cells, or peripheral blood lymphocytes.

Amniotic fluid and chorionic villus cells

If you’re looking to culture human primary amniotic fluid cells or chorionic villus cells, AminoMAX media is the right product for you. Our formulations are designed to increase cell attachment, growth rates and provide high metaphase yields.

Bone marrow cells

A bone marrow aspirate provides unique and valuable research data, but cell numbers are generally very low therefore the media you select here could not be any more critical. MarrowMAX media contains a novel stromal cell conditioned medium for optimal growth and eliminates the need to supplement media saving both time and money.

Peripheral blood lymphocytes

PB-MAX karyotyping media is a fully supplemented, RPMI-based medium optimized for the karyotype analysis of peripheral blood lymphocytes. Ready to use, it is proven for performance and reliability.

Karyotyping reagents

The KaryoMAX line of products and reagents are designed to reduce culture time and days to harvest.

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Genetic and cytogenetic organizations


Geography Country Name Acronym Web Link
Asia Australia Genetic Society of Australia GSA
Asia Australia Human Genetics Society of Australasia HGSA
Asia China Hong Kong Society of Medical Genetics HKSMG
Asia India Indian Society of Human Genetics ISH
Asia Japan Japan Society of Human Genetics JSHG


Geography Country Name Acronym Web Link
Europe Austria Austrian Society for Human Genetics
Europe Belgian Belgian Society for Human Genetics BeSHG
Europe Denmark Danish Society of Medical Genetics DSMG
Europe Finland Finnish Society of Medical Genetics SLGY  
Europe France Association of French Speaking Cytogeneticists ACLF
Europe France French Society of Genetic Toxicology SFTG
Europe Germany German Society for Human Genetics GFH
Europe Hungary Hungarian Genetical Society MAGE
Europe Ireland Irish Society of Human Genetics ISHG
Europe Italy Italian Society of Human Genetics SIGU
Europe Netherlands Netherlands Society of Human Genetics NVGH
Europe UK Associate for Clinical Genomic Science ACGS
Europe UK Clinical Genetics Society CGS
Europe UK Genetics Society, UK
Europe   European Cytogeneticists Association ECA
Europe   European Society of Gene Therapy ESGT
Europe   European Society of Human Genetics ESHG

Middle East

Geography Country Name Acronym Web Link
Middle East Israel National Laboratory for the Genetics of Israeli Populations
Middle East   Middle East Genetics Association MEGA  

North America

Geography Country Name Acronym Web Link
North America USA American Society of Hematology ASHG
North America USA New England Regional Genetics Group NERRG
North America USA Pacific Northwest Regional Genetics Group PacNoRGG  
North America USA Pacific Southwest Regional Genetics Network PSRGN  
North America USA Southeastern Regional Genetics Group SERGG
North America Canada Canadian Association of Genetic Counsellors CAGC
North America USA American Board of Genetic Counseling ABGC
North America USA American Board of Medical Genetics and Genomics ABMG
North America USA American College of Medical Genetics ACMG
North America USA American Society of Gene & Cell Therapy ASGT
North America USA American Society of Human Genetics ASHG
North America USA Association of Genetic Technologists AGT™
North America USA Genetic Society of America GSA
North America USA International Society of Nurses in Genetics ISONG
North America USA National Coalition for Health Education in Genetics NCHPEG  
North America USA National Society of Genetic Counselors NSGC

South America

Geography Country Name Acronym Web Link
South America Argentina Sociedade Argentina de Genética SAG
South America Brazil Brazilian Clinical Genetics Society SBG
South America Chile Chilean Genetics Society CGS
South America Columbia Colombian Association of Human Genetics ACGH  


Geography Name Acronym Web Link
International Human Genetics Programme, World Health Organization (WHO) WHO
International International Federation of Human Genetics Societies IFHGS
International International Genetic Epidemiology Society (IGES) IGES


Geography Country Name Acronym Web Link
Regulatory USA Clinical Laboratory Improvement Act CLIA
Regulatory USA College of American Pathologists CAP
Regulatory USA The Joint Commission
Regulatory USA US Food and Drug Administration FDA

Other Areas of Interest

Geography Name Acronym Web Link
Other Areas of Interest Centers For Disease Control and Prevention. CDC
Other Areas of Interest Department of Energy DOE
Other Areas of Interest Genetic Conditions / Rare Conditions Support Groups
Other Areas of Interest Healthy Moms, Healthy Babies HMHB
Other Areas of Interest National Cancer Institute - Directory of Genetic Counseling Experts
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