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Nicolet Summit FTIR Spectrometer

Flexible, easy-to-use, high performance FTIR to keep your line moving. The Nicolet Summit X delivers reliable data by minimizing the steps needed to measure and identify materials – all in a rugged, compact footprint.

Nicolet Apex FTIR Spectrometer

The Nicolet Apex FTIR Spectrometer is specifically designed for laboratories with analytical services, quality control, pharmaceutical, forensic or research applications, providing the highest level of confidence in material verification and identification. It is equipped with the Thermo Scientific LightDrive Optical Engine, offering next-generation performance.

Nicolet iS50 FTIR Spectrometer

At the push of a button, you can utilize the permanently aligned sampling modules to acquire more information about your material.  Imagine having the power to acquire data utilizing ATR in the both the mid and far-IR regions, as well as FT-Raman and near-IR spectroscopy without having to manually change accessories or components.

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Nicolet RaptIR FTIR Microscope

The Nicolet RaptIR and RaptIR+ FTIR Microscope offers innovative microscope technology to help specialists and novice users alike quickly analyze samples across many industries such as pharma, microplastics, forensics, etc.

Nicolet iN10 FTIR Microscope

Designed with the simplicity of an FT-IR spectrometer and the ability to measure samples down to a few microns, it is a modern, productive and cost-effective infrared microanalysis solution.

Nicolet iN5 FTIR Microscope

Quickly identify unknown materials and contaminants that may affect product quality. The Thermo Scientific Nicolet iN5 FTIR Microscope provides rapid identification with point-and-shoot simplicity.

Nicolet iN10 FTIR Microscope

The Nicolet iN10 MX Infrared Imaging Microscope is easy to use and provides the power required to rapidly acquire and analyze chemical images to enhance your understanding of the chemical distribution of materials in heterogeneous samples.

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DXR3 Raman Microscope

Access Raman data faster than ever with this easy-to-use point-and-shoot Raman Microscope.  This microscope is ideal for applications like pharmaceutical, academic, advanced polymers, microplastics and many more.

DXR3 Smart Raman Spectrometer

The Thermo Scientific DXR3 SmartRaman Spectrometer is a highly automated, push-button operated, dedicated macro-sampling Raman system that brings the power of Raman technology to the routine analysis laboratory. The DXR3 SmartRaman Spectrometer is designed for busy multi-purpose analytical labs where the users are looking for reproducible and accurate results from a dependable, low maintenance instrument. 

DXR3xi Raman Imaging Microscope

Gain visual information instantly.  Advanced imaging capabilities coupled with minimal sample prep and intuitive software give users the power of Raman at speeds researchers need.

DXR3 Raman Microscope

This compact spectrometer uses the same design and optics as advanced spectrometers in the Thermo Scientific DXR3 Raman Spectrometer research product family. Thus, it provides transportability and hyphenation without compromising data quality. 

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Antaris II FT-NIR Analyzer

Easily implement laboratory-based FT-NIR performance in a ready-for-plant packager. With industry-leading method transfer performance, the Antaris II FT-NIR Analyzer provides robust and reliable data collection for at-line, online and in-line analysis.

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GENESYS Visible and UV-Vis Spectrophotometers

Get the most from your requirements for routine and high-throughput UV-Vis/Vis measurements. Thermo Scientific GENESYS spectrophotometers are ideal for walk-up measurements or high-throughput QC/QA testing, research labs, or the classroom.

Evolution UV-Vis Spectrophotometers

Empower your analysis and bring versatility and productivity to your lab with the Thermo Scientific Evolution UV-Vis spectrophotometers. From sample to final report, intuitive software quickly guides you through each step of your analysis. Comprehensive tools for data collection, processing and reporting deliver the results you need for quantitative analysis, scanning and kinetics applications.

NanoDrop Microvolume UV-Vis Spectrophotometers

Get accurate DNA, RNA and protein quantitation with only 1-2 µL of sample in seconds with Thermo Scientific NanoDrop Spectrophotometers. Pioneering sample-retention technology has evolved to bring you more knowledge about your sample, so that you can save days of troubleshooting and accelerate your research.

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ARL X’TRA Companion X-ray Diffractometer

ARL X'TRA Companion diffractometer is perfectly designed to be a cost-effective solution for routine QC/QA in industrial laboratories. Thanks to its state-of-the art solid-state 2D detector, high resolution data is collected within minutes.   This robust and accurate benchtop X-ray diffractometer comes with one-click Rietveld quantification capabilities and automated result transmission to a LIMS, and it complies with international X-ray safety regulations.

ARL EQUINOX 100 X-ray Diffractometer

Get a dedicated XRD system for QA/QC, academic, and routine applications with the compact, affordable Thermo Scientific ARL EQUINOX 100 X-ray Diffractometer. This transportable bench top instrument offers true flexibility.

SolstiX Software with EQUINOX 100

Enable 21 CFR Part 11 compliance and ease your work in regulated environment with Solstix software.

Perform XRD QA/QC analysis with confidence on the small footprint and low maintenance ARL EQUINOX 100 X-ray Diffractometer.

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ARL QUANT'X EDXRF Spectrometer

Accomplish the most challenging analytical tasks in research and manufacturing with powerful x-ray fluorescence technology for nondestructive elemental analysis. High flexibility sample handling for all kinds of samples, solids, powders, rocks and gems for lab and field.

ARL OPTIM'X WDXRF Spectrometer

Meet materials analysis requirements with qualitative and quantitative characterization of all types of conductive and non-conductive unknown samples. The system is available in packages suited for analysis in petroleum, cement and slags industries or for multi-purpose requirements in analytical laboratories.

ARL PERFORM'X Sequential X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometer

Solve analytical challenges in a wide range of applications with X-ray fluorescence with sample surface mapping and small spot analysis. Highest sensitivity and lowest limits of detection across the periodic table.

ARL 9900 Simultaneous-Sequential XRF/XRD Series

Save money and achieve quality control in your industrial process with full simultaneous and sequential capabilities integrated into one instrument. Optional innovative XRD systems can be integrated to allow phase analysis.

OXSAS Software for XRF instruments

Enhance your lab efficiency and productivity with comprehensive software solutions for the complete analysis of a wide range of materials. We offer solutions to perform high-quality analysis easily and quickly on your X-ray fluorescence (XRF) spectrometer.

UniQuant Software for Standardless XRF Analysis

Successfully analyze unknown materials without internal standards or international references with powerful standardless technology.

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ARL iSpark Plus Series Optical Emission Spectrometer

Adapted to the harshest environments, ARL iSpark Plus metal analyzers offer high functionality and advanced features to achieve productivity and quality objectives, such as ultra-fast, on-line analysis of non-metallic inclusions, including quantitative size determination in killed steels.

ARL easySpark Metal Analyzer

Perform fast, accurate elemental analysis of solid metal samples from trace to percent level with this new benchtop OES instrument.

Spark-DAT Software Suite with ARL iSpark OES

The Spark-DAT Software Suite includes all the on- and off-line software modules and features needed for inclusion analysis, analytical method development and set-up, as well as in-depth investigation, control and reporting of inclusions.

Enhance your lab efficiency and productivity with comprehensive software solutions for the complete analysis of a wide range of materials. We offer solutions to perform high-quality analysis easily and quickly on your optical emission spectrometer (OES).

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HAAKE Viscotester iQ Rheometer

Measure and analyze the rheological properties of a wide range of liquid, paste and semi-solid samples with the Thermo Scientific HAAKE Viscotester iQ  and Viscotester iQ Air rheometers. The Viscotester iQ rheometer is an intuitive solution designed to meet the daily rheological requirements of QC labs.

HAAKE MARS iQ Rheometer

HAAKE MARS iQ Rheometers enable fast, consistent characterization of a wide range of samples.  With its modular design and broad accessory portfolio, the HAAKE MARS iQ Rheometer can be quickly adapted to perform rheological tests of samples ranging from water-like to semisolid.

HAAKE MARS 40/60 Rheometers

This highly flexible Modular Advanced Rheometer System (MARS) provides accuracy, easy handling, and many application-oriented solutions for comprehensive material characterization. New Connect Assist functionality allows for effortless, error-free exchange of measuring geometries and temperature modules to speed up your workflow.

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Energy 11 Twin Screw Extruder

The Energy 11 Twin-Screw Extruder can be set up for a wide range of applications encountered in current battery R&D. The fully ported, horizontally split barrel allows for flexible feeding of solid and liquid ingredients. Interchangeable die designs adapt to a range of materials from dry granules, polymeric solid-state electrolytes, and electrode films to wet slurries.

Process 11 Twin Screw Extruder

Thermo Scientific Twin-screw compounders and extruders offer flexible compounding configurations for small batches for either pilot scale production or low volume manufacturing and are well-suited for research and development in the polymer, pharmaceutical, bioscience, and nanotechnology sectors. 

HAAKE PolyLab OS Modular Torque Rheometer

This measuring mixer and extruder system supports you in process modeling activities such as: Compounding polymers with additives to reduce flammability, viscosity, etc.  Use as little as 50g of material to optimize extrusion or mixing in respect to temperature and shear profile or extrusion of strands, profiles or films in combination with rheological or optical measurements.

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Pharma mini HME Micro Compounder

Hot melt extrusion and continuous processing can lead to speedier formulation development and cost efficient production. Identify the right drug candidates for hot melt extrusion by compounding as little as three grams of material.

Pharma 11 TSE

Rapidly develop pharmaceutical formulations and adopt continuous processing methods.  Switch between continuous hot melt extrusion (HME) or wet granulation (TSG) with ease. Optimize drug process development parameters with less time and effort than batch processes and easily scale-up using minimal amounts of expensive APIs and excipients. 

Pharma 16 TSE

Rapidly develop pharmaceutical formulations and adopt continuous processing methods.  Switch between continuous hot melt extrusion (HME) or wet granulation (TSG) with ease. Optimize drug process development parameters with less time and effort than batch processes and easily scale-up using minimal amounts of expensive APIs and excipients. 

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