Invitrogen Quant-iT assay kits utilize advanced fluorophores that become fluorescent upon binding to DNA, RNA, or proteins; the fluorescence intensity of the resulting complex depends directly on the amount of the target molecule in the sample.

  • Accuracy—Quant-iT technology gives more accurate results than can be obtained with UV absorbance readings, because the Quant-iT reagents only report the molecule of interest—there’s no interference from free nucleotides or other contaminants.
  • Sensitivity—Upon binding to DNA, RNA, or protein, the fluorescence of the Quant-iT dyes increases several hundred fold , giving a very high signal-to-background ratio. High signal and low background mean exceedingly high sensitivity—up to 1000 times more sensitive than absorbance readings.
  • Confidence—Confidence comes from knowing your assay is sensitive and accurate enough to quantitate even the most dilute or low-abundance samples, while still leaving enough of your biomolecule for successful downstream applications. With Quant-iT technology, you get the crucial quantitation data you need, without wasting your sample.


Quant-iT assay kits and reagents for use with microplate readers*—for 20–2,000 samples

Product Target Useful range † Ex/Em ‡ No. of assays Cat. No.
Quant-iT 1X dsDNA HS Assay dsDNA 0.2–100 ng 510/527 1,000 Q33232
Quant-iT dsDNA High-Sensitivity (HS) Assay Kit dsDNA 0.2–100 ng 510/527 1,000 Q33120
Quant-iT 1X dsDNA BR Assay dsDNA 4-4000 ng 510/527 1,000 Q33267
Quant-iT dsDNA Broad-Range (BR) Assay Kit dsDNA 2–1,000 ng 510/527 1,000 Q33130
Quant-iT RNA Assay Kit
Quant-iT RNA Assay Reagent
RNA 5–100 ng 644/673 1,000 Q33140
Quant-iT RNA Broad-Range BR Assay Kit RNA 20–1,000 ng 644/673 1,000 Q10213
Quant-iT RNA XR Assay Kit RNA 200–10,000 ng 644/673 1,000 Q33225
Quant-iT microRNA Assay Kit microRNA 1–500 ng 498/518 1,000 Q32882
Quant-iT Protein Assay Kit
Protein 0.25–5 µg 470/570 1,000 Q33210

Quant-iT bulk reagents and kits for >2,000 samples

Product Target Useful range † Ex/Em ‡ No. of assays Cat. No.
Quant-iT PicoGreen dsDNA Assay Kit
Quant-iT PicoGreen dsDNA Reagent

dsDNA 0.2–100 ng 502/523 2,000 P7589
Quant-iT PicoGreen dsDNA Assay Kit
Quant-iT PicoGreen dsDNA Reagent
dsDNA 0.2–100 ng 502/523 2,000 P11496
Quant-iT OliGreen ssDNA Assay Kit
Quant-iT OliGreen ssDNA Reagent
ssDNA 1–200 ng 498/518 2,000 O11492
Quant-iT RiboGreen RNA Assay Kit
Quant-iT RiboGreen RNA Reagent
RNA 20–1,000 ng 500/525 2,000 R11490

* Invitrogen Quant-iT assays and reagents can also be used with the Invitrogen Qubit Fluorometer. †The useful range assumes a 1–20 µL sample volume in a 96-well microplate assay. ‡ Excitation (Ex) and emission (Em), in nm, of the Quant-iT detection reagent. 


Sensitive DNA quantification

Read about detection limit (LOD) as low as 0.04ng of DNA in this featured application note highlighting sensitive fluorescence detection of DNA capabilities when you combine Quant-iT technology with a Fluoroskan plate reader.

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