Invitrogen Quant-iT assay kits utilize advanced fluorophores that become fluorescent upon binding to DNA, RNA, or proteins; the fluorescence intensity of the resulting complex depends directly on the amount of the target molecule in the sample and can help:

  • Accuracy—Quant-iT technology gives more accurate results than can be obtained with UV absorbance readings, because the Quant-iT reagents only report the molecule of interest—there’s no interference from free nucleotides or other contaminants.
  • Sensitivity—Upon binding to DNA, RNA, or protein, the fluorescence of the Quant-iT dyes increases several hundred fold , giving a very high signal-to-background ratio. High signal and low background mean exceedingly high sensitivity—up to 1000 times more sensitive than absorbance readings.
  • Confidence—Confidence comes from knowing your assay is sensitive and accurate enough to quantitate even the most dilute or low-abundance samples, while still leaving enough of your biomolecule for successful downstream applications. With Quant-iT technology, you can get the crucial quantitation data you need, without wasting your sample.


Quant-iT assay kits and reagents for use with microplate readers*—for 20–2,000 samples

ProductTargetUseful range †Ex/Em ‡No. of assaysCat. No.
Quant-iT 1X dsDNA HS AssaydsDNA0.2–100 ng510/5271,000Q33232
Quant-iT dsDNA High-Sensitivity (HS) Assay KitdsDNA0.2–100 ng510/5271,000Q33120
Quant-iT 1X dsDNA BR AssaydsDNA4-4000 ng510/5271,000Q33267
Quant-iT dsDNA Broad-Range (BR) Assay KitdsDNA2–1,000 ng510/5271,000Q33130
Quant-iT RNA Assay Kit
Quant-iT RNA Assay Reagent
RNA5–100 ng644/6731,000Q33140
Quant-iT RNA Broad-Range BR Assay KitRNA20–1,000 ng644/6731,000Q10213
Quant-iT RNA XR Assay KitRNA200–10,000 ng644/6731,000Q33225
Quant-iT microRNA Assay KitmicroRNA1–500 ng498/5181,000Q32882
Quant-iT Protein Assay Kit
Protein0.25–5 µg470/5701,000Q33210
Quant-iT Endotoxin Detection Assay Kit
Endotoxin0.01–10.0 EU/mL490/525160Q32892

Quant-iT bulk reagents and kits for >2,000 samples

* Invitrogen Quant-iT assays and reagents can also be used with the Invitrogen Qubit Fluorometer. †The useful range assumes a 1–20 µL sample volume in a 96-well microplate assay. ‡ Excitation (Ex) and emission (Em), in nm, of the Quant-iT detection reagent. 


For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.