The right gas chromatography modules for your application

Thermo Scientific instant connect (iConnect) injectors and detectors redefine flexibility and usability in GC and GC-MS analysis. Save on cost and bench space by keeping back-up modules in place of entire GC systems and ensure continuous operation by dramatically reducing maintenance downtime—just replace modules with clean back-ups for off-line maintenance and be back to running samples again in minutes. Swap out and exchange modules to easily reconfigure your GC system and be always ready for incoming samples.


iConnect injectors offer greater versatility for your gas chromatography analyses.

iConnect Split/Splitless (SSL) Injector

Suitable for most GC and GC-MS applications. Equipped with an optimized thermal profile to permit accurate injection of a broad range of analytes.

iConnect Split/Splitless with Backflush (SSL-BKF) Injector

Ideal for eliminating heavy or undesired compounds. Backflush capabilities negate the need for additional auxiliary gas.

iConnect Helium Saver Split/Splitless (SSL) Injector

Proprietary injector design that greatly reduces helium consumption during operation while using it as carrier gas. Does not require instrument method changes.

iConnect Programmable Temperature Vaporizing (PTV) Injector

Combines “discrimination-free” cold injector performance with robustness of vaporizing injectors. Ideal for thermally labile compounds and extended volatility ranges.

iConnect Programmable Temperature Vaporizing with Backflush (PTV-BKF) Injector

Ideal for eliminating heavy or undesired compounds. Offers backflush capabilities and sub-ambient operation with a cryo cooling option.

iConnect Cold-On-Column (COC) Injector

True cold-on-column injector for extending GC analysis to very high boiling compounds. Ideal for thermal labile and degradable compounds.

iConnect Gas Sampling Valve (GSV) Injector

Rapidly introduces precise amounts of gas samples directly into capillary or packed columns, making it ideal for gas analysis.

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iConnect detectors are designed for enhanced productivity in gas chromatography workflows.

iConnect Flame Ionization Detector (FID)

Achieve sensitive detection of organic compounds over a wide linear dynamic range. Ideal for hydrocarbons and related organic compound analyses.

iConnect Thermal Conductivity Detector (TCD)

Provides thermal stability and fast response times for capillary and packed column applications. Ideal for gas analysis at ppm levels and determination of unknowns.

iConnect Electron Capture Detector (ECD)

Achieve outstanding selectivity and sensitivity for trace-level detection and analysis of compounds with electronegative functional groups.

iConnect Nitrogen Phosphorus Detector (NPD)

Multiple dedicated sources permit selectivity and sensitivity for the determination of organic compounds containing nitrogen or phosphorus.

iConnect Flame Photometric Detector (FPD)

Exceptional sensitivity and response stability for determination of sulfur, phosphorous, or tin-containing compounds.

iConnect Pulse Discharge Detector (PDD)

Requires high purity helium as discharge gas and is ideal for gas analysis at ppb/ppm levels.

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