Negative cell isolation with Dynabeads is a gentle, tube-based method. Your cells are not exposed to the stress of being passed through a column. The isolated pure, viable, and truly untouched target cells can be directly analyzed in a flow cytometer and used in any functional assay.

You are guaranteed:

  • Minimal stress on cells  - no interaction during isolation, target cells are left bead- and antibody-free
  • No columns - the cells are not exposed to the stress of being passed through a dense column
  • High purity, viability and recovery - negatively isolated cells are in perfect shape for any applifcation

The performance of negative cell isolation with Dynabeads is exemplified by these figures. The top panels show the purity of monocytes among PBMC prior to (20%) and after isolation (94%) using Dynabeads Untouched™ Human Monocytes. The below panels show how isolated monocytes differentiate into dendritic cells after 5 days in culture (d5) with IL-4 and GM-CSF as shown by increased expression of HLA class II and CD86.

For any application

Application examples include flow cytometry or fluorescence-activated cell sorting, the study of T cell proliferation, apoptosis, and induction of anergy, study of antigen-specific T cells and regulation of T cell cytokine expression.

Polyclonal T-Cell Activation/Expansion
Isolated T cells are readily activated and/or expanded in culture with Dynabeads Human T-Activator CD3/CD28 or Dynabeads Mouse T-Activator CD3/CD28.

Antigen-Specific T-Cell Expansion
The new Dynabeads T-Activator CD3/CD28/CD137 for expansion of human antigen-specific T cells and mouse antigen specific T cells are conjugated with anti-CD3, anti-CD28, and anti-CD137 antibodies.