CELLection™ Epithelial Enrich Dynabeads™

Catalog number: 16203

CELLection™ Epithelial Enrich Dynabeads™

Catalog number: 16203
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5 mL
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162035 mL
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Use this kit to obtain up to 5-log enrichment of human epithelial tumor cells, directly from whole blood, bone marrow or PBMC. Tumor cell clumps can be enriched from bone marrow. Enriched cells are bead-free, viable and suitable for immunocytochemical staining or any other downstream application.

High enrichment of viable human tumor cells

Isolate directly from whole blood, bone marrow or PBMC
Viable cells for any cellular applications

Methodology: Add CELLection™ Dynabeads™ to the sample. The beads will bind the tumor cells after a short incubation. The bead-bound tumor cells are quickly separated on a magnet and subsequently released from the beads with the supplied Release Buffer. (CELLection™ Dynabeads™ contains a DNA linker that is cleaved by the DNase I in the Release Buffer.)

Note: If you want to deplete or use the isolated tumor cells for molecular applications, please use the equivalent product Dynabeads™ Epithelial Enrich (Cat. No. 161-02). This product contains the same antibody, but with no release of the cells from the beads after positive isolation.

Starting Samples: Whole blood, bone marrow, buffy coat, PBMC.
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Cell Type
Tumor Cells, Epithelial Cells
Product Type
Epithelial Enrichment Kit
Isolation Technology
Positive Isolation
No. of Cells
Processes ∼4 x 109 cells total
Output Viability
Product Line
CELLection™, DYNAL™, Dynabeads™
Purity or Quality Grade
Research Grade
Sample Type
PBMC, Blood
Shipping Condition
Room Temperature
Starting Material Cell No.
2 x 107 PBMCs per isolation
Target Species

Contents & Storage

Each Kit Contains:
• 5 mL CELLection™ Epithelial Enrich Dynabeads™ coated with a monoclonal antibody towards the human Epithelial Cell Adhesion Molecule (EpCam)
• 2 vials Releasing Buffer Component 1 (DNase I)
• 2 mL Releasing Buffer Component 2

Up to 2 x 109 cells can be processed with this kit. Store components at 2°C to 8°C.


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