Gentle and tube-based magnetic separation with Dynabeads® is the technology of choice when you want to isolate high yields of pure, viable and functional cells. Your cells are not exposed to the stress of going through a dense column, and there's no risk of your results being affected by the isolation method.

You can easily isolate any cell subset using Dynabeads® and a DynaMag™ magnet. Your specific product of choice will depend on the species and the isolation strategy:

Selection Guides for Cell Isolation Products:

Human Cell Separation
  • Directly from whole blood, MNC, buffy coat, bone marrow or tissue samples.
Mouse Cell Separation
  • Directly from bone marrow, spleen, lymph node or thymus 
Separation of Other Cell Types
  • Dynabeads® are used for cell isolations from of a range of different species and cell subsets.

Positive Isolation
  • Ideal for flow-analysis and cell-based assays
  • When maximum purity and yield is critical 
  • From whole blood, bone marrow or buffy coat
Negative Isolation
  • Truly untouched cells, bead- and antibody-free
  • In perfect shape for any application
  • High yield, purity and viability
  • Easy removal of unwanted cell types
  • Ideal for positive cell isolation for molecular applications
  • High yield and purity

Cell Separation Products

Positive Cell Isolation

In positive isolation, Dynabeads® bind the target cells and the bead/cell complexes are pulled to the magnet. The supernatant is discarded, leaving only your  pure target cells,

Bead-free Cells
Directly after cell separation, the beads can easily be released and removed using the innovative Dynabeads® FlowComp™ technology.

Other Dynabeads® release systems include the CELLection™, and the DETACHaBEAD™ technologies.
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Negative Cell Isolation

In negative isolation, Dynabeads® are used to deplete all the unwanted cells using the supplied antibody mix.  Your bead-free and untouched target cells are left in the sample, and can be directly analyzed in a flow cytometer and used in any functional assay.

Should you want to refine for a particular cell type, you can of course add extra antibodies to the antibody mix. With the secondary-coated Dynabeads®  you can create your own negative isolation kit for isolation of any cells from any species.


In depletion, cell-specific Dynabeads® are used to remove specific unwanted cell types from a mixed cell sample with >99% efficiency. Recover the depleted supernatant - still containing all your wanted cells - for downstream assays. Click for more info on: Dynabeads® for human cell depletion and mouse cell depletion.

You can also use the positively targeted and bead-bound cells for downstream molecular applications that do not require release of cells.