Gentle, tube-based magnetic separation with Invitrogen Dynabeads or MagniSort beads are technologies of choice when you want to isolate high yields of pure, viable and functional cells. Magnetic separation helps ensure that the isolated cells are not affected by passage through a dense column and that the cells’ native characteristics are preserved.

Dynabeads cell isolation products

Choose the Dynabeads cell isolation product from the categories below; also ensure that you find the right magnet for Dynabeads cell isolations

Human Cell Separation
  • Directly from whole blood, MNC, buffy coat, bone marrow or tissue samples.
Mouse Cell Separation
  • Directly from bone marrow, spleen, lymph node or thymus 
Separation of Other Cell Types
  • Dynabeads® are used for cell isolations from of a range of different species and cell subsets.

Positive Isolation
  • Ideal for flow-analysis and cell-based assays
  • When maximum purity and yield is critical 
  • From whole blood, bone marrow or buffy coat
Negative Isolation
  • Truly untouched cells, bead- and antibody-free
  • In perfect shape for any application
  • High yield, purity and viability
  • Easy removal of unwanted cell types
  • Ideal for positive cell isolation for molecular applications
  • High yield and purity

Cell Separation Products

Positive Cell Isolation

In positive isolation, Dynabeads bind the target cells and the bead/cell complexes are pulled to the magnet. The supernatant is discarded, leaving only your  pure target cells,

Bead-free Cells
Directly after cell separation, the beads can easily be released and removed using the innovative Dynabeads FlowComp technology.

Other Dynabeads release systems include the CELLection, and the DETACHaBEAD technologies.

Negative Cell Isolation

In negative isolation, Dynabeads are used to deplete all the unwanted cells using the supplied antibody mix.  Your bead-free and untouched target cells are left in the sample, and can be directly analyzed in a flow cytometer and used in any functional assay.

Should you want to refine for a particular cell type, you can of course add extra antibodies to the antibody mix. With the secondary-coated Dynabeads you can create your own negative isolation kit for isolation of any cells from any species.


In depletion, cell-specific Dynabeads are used to remove specific unwanted cell types from a mixed cell sample with >99% efficiency. Recover the depleted supernatant - still containing all your wanted cells - for downstream assays. Click for more info on: Dynabeads for human cell depletion and mouse cell depletion.

You can also use the positively targeted and bead-bound cells for downstream molecular applications that do not require release of cells.

The Two Worlds of Cell Separation

An entertaining and useful explanation of the differences between the micro- and nano-particle techniques used for cell isolation / cell separation.

MagniSort cell isolation products

Starting with T cell-specific cocktails, use the MagniSort platform to obtain enriched T cells simpler, faster and with significant cost-savings compared to traditional column-based separation methods.

Learn more about the MagniSort platform