Eliminate the risk of contaminating and incubating your cells with iron, dextran or other potentially harmful structures. FlowComp allows for  positive cell isolation directly followed by cell release and removal of the magnetic beads.

The gentle, tube-based and flow-compatible method designed for:

  • Minimal stress—least possible interaction with your cells during isolation.
  • No columns—your cells are not exposed to the stress of being passed through a dense column.
  • No immunogens—such as iron oxides remain in your sample to influence your results.

Dynabeads FlowComp magnetic bead cell isolation graph: before & after

t-cell isolation


Have you tried them yet?!

Cells isolated with the Dynabeads FlowComp kits keep their functional characteristics,and are directly suitable for flow cytometry and any downstream cell-based assay.

The Two Worlds of Cell Isolation

Views of cell isolation immunology, therapy and toxicology, can be largely dependent on which perspective you take. Nano-size or Micro-size? Nano-size particles are less than one micron. Evidence shows nano-size particles cross cellular layers and can accumulate within the cell. Micro sized particles are larger than one micron, and cannot easily be endocytosed into the cell. Therefore, when wanting to obtain cells closer to their natural physiological state, micro-sized magnetic beads are preferred.

Avoid these artifacts

Miltenyi MicroBeads T-Cells Isolation

See video and TEM's of Miltenyi artifacts in T-cells after 72 hor incubation.