Negative cell isolation with Dynabeads® is a gentle, tube-based method. Your cells are not exposed to the stress of being passed through a column. The isolated pure, viable, and truly untouched target cells can be directly analyzed in a flow cytometer and used in any functional assay.

You are guaranteed:

  • Minimal stress on cells  - no interaction during isolation, target cells are left bead- and antibody-free
  • No columns - the cells are not exposed to the stress of being passed through a dense column
  • High purity, viability and recovery - negatively isolated cells are in perfect shape for any applifcation

The performance of negative cell isolation with Dynabeads® is exemplified by these figures. The top panels show the purity of monocytes among PBMC prior to (20%) and after isolation (94%) using Dynabeads® Untouched™ Human Monocytes. The below panels show how isolated monocytes differentiate into dendritic cells after 5 days in culture (d5) with IL-4 and GM-CSF as shown by increased expression of HLA class II and CD86.

For any application

Application examples include flow cytometry or fluorescence-activated cell sorting, the study of T cell proliferation, apoptosis, and induction of anergy, study of antigen-specific T cells and regulation of T cell cytokine expression.

Polyclonal T-Cell Activation/Expansion
Isolated T cells are readily activated and/or expanded in culture with Dynabeads® Human T-Activator CD3/CD28 or Dynabeads® Mouse T-Activator CD3/CD28.

Antigen-Specific T-Cell Expansion
The new Dynabeads® T-Activator CD3/CD28/CD137 for expansion of human antigen-specific T cells and mouse antigen specific T cells are conjugated with anti-CD3, anti-CD28, and anti-CD137 antibodies.