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diagnostics for you

A better quality of life for patients

Thermo Fisher Scientific is a global leader in allergy and autoimmunity diagnostics, providing you with accurate and clinically relevant testing solutions to aid in disease diagnosis and patient management.

ImmunoCAP™ Allergy Solutions

Improve patient outcomes with allergy diagnostic clarity

Gold standard

As the gold standard in in-vitro allergy diagnostics, ImmunoCAP solutions provide results that help in optimizing your diagnosis.1

Evidence-based symptom management

ImmunoCAP tests help laboratories provide relevant and science-based information that healthcare providers can use to develop evidence-based symptom-management plans.

EliA™ Autoimmunity Solutions

Improve patient outcomes with autoimmunity diagnostic clarity

High specificity & high sensitivity2-5

Comprising an ever-growing portfolio of more than 50 clinically relevant tests for autoimmune diseases, the EliA portfolio combines high specificity with high sensitivity.

Extensive support

Our customer service team’s ongoing support offers laboratories the necessary confidence to provide a clinically relevant and accurate autoimmunity diagnostic service.

Phadia™ Laboratory Systems

Reliable results aiding in the diagnosis of allergy and autoimmune diseases

Instruments for today and tomorrow

The fully automated and scalable Phadia Laboratory Systems, which run both ImmunoCAP and EliA tests, are made to fit the laboratory needs of today—and tomorrow.

Flexible and scalable

Designed to optimize workflow efficiency for any sized laboratory and the test volume it may experience, Phadia instruments adapt to your specific needs and scale seamlessly as your laboratory operation grows.













ImmunoCAP tests are documented in more than 6,000 peer-reviewed publications and referenced in multiple medical guidelines.6

Speed to diagnosis

EliA assays can aid in quick and correct diagnoses by detecting relevant antibodies. In some cases, these antibodies are present in the early disease stage and even when there are no clinical symptoms yet.7-9

Increased productivity

Phadia instruments offer full automation with hands-on time of only 15 minutes, enabling laboratories to increase productivity with fewer resources.

Thermo Fisher Scientific is a global leader in allergy and autoimmune diagnostics.


Along with practice parameters and guidelines for clinicians, Thermo Fisher Scientific provides clinical and laboratory training and support, including enhanced clinical insights beyond results.

50 years

Phadia AB, owned by Thermo Fisher Scientific, has provided continuous diagnostic innovations for more than five decades.

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