Antibodies for multi-color flow cytometry, functional assays, and immunohistochemistry

Invitrogen eBioscience antibodies are available conjugated to a variety of fluorophores to enable multi-color flow cytometry, functional assays, and immunohistochemistry applications. Additional antibodies to other mouse antigens including novel cell-surface molecules are available in our pipeline.


Mouse CD cellular antigens

CD1dCD1.1/1.2, Ly-3843-49kDIgSFleukocytes, intestinal epitheliumAg presentation, mucosal immunity, with beta2m, ligand for NKT cells
CD2LFA-2, Ly-37, SRBC-R45-58kDIgSFthymocytes, T, NK, B, pre-B, myeloid, erythrocytesadhesion, T activation, CD48 receptor
CD3dT3d20kDIgSFT, thymocyte subset, NKTTCR subunit, TCR expression & signaling
CD3eT3e20kDIgSFT, thymocyte subset, NKTTCR subunit, TCR expression & signaling
CD3gT3g25kDIgSFT, thymocyte subset, NKTTCR subunit, TCR expression & signaling
CD4Ly-4, L3T455kDIgSFthymocyte subset, T subset, DCTCR coreceptor, thymic differentiation, T activation, MHC class II receptor
CD5Ly-167kDSRCRSFthymocytes, T, B subset (B1)T activation, T-B interaction, CD72 receptor
CD6T12100-130kDSRCRSFthymocytes, T, neurons, not on BT differentiation & costimulation, CD166 receptor
CD7 40kDIgSFhuman early T marker, CD7KO has normal phenotype 
CD8aLy-232-34kDIgSFthymocyte subset, T subset , DC subset, not fresh NKTCR coreceptor, MHC class I receptor, T differentiation, homodimer or heterodimer with CD8b
CD8bLy-330kDIgSFthymocyte subset, T subset, not fresh NKTCR coreceptor, MHC class I receptor, T differentiation, heterodimer with CD8a
CD9p2424-27kDTM4SFmyeloid, platelets, Tact, B subsetcell adhesion, migration, T costimulation
CD10CALLA, NEP, Mme100kDtype II TMB precursors, fibroblasts, BM stromal cellszinc-binding metalloproteinase, neutral endopeptidase ectoenzyme, B development
CD11aintegrin alphaL, Ly-15, Itgal80kDIntgFT, B, NK, gran, mono, mac, DC, thymocytesCD11a / CD18 (LFA-1) receptor for ICAM-1 and ICAM-2, intercellular adhesion, T costimulation
CD11bMac-1, integrin alphaM, Itgam, CR3170kDIntgFmyeloid, NK, Tact, B subsetCD11b / CD18 receptor for CD54 and CD102, adhesion to ECM, fibrinogen, & complement iC3b
CD11cp150, integrin alphaX, Itgax, CR4150kDIntgFDC, myeloid, NK, T subsetCD11c / CD18 receptor for fibrinogen & iC3b, adhesion
CD13Aminopeptidase N, Lap1150kDType II TMmyeloid, endothelial, DCzinc-binding metalloproteinase, antigen processing
CD14LPS-R, Mo253-55kDGPI-linkedmac, granlowreceptor for LPS/LBP, LPS recognition
CD15Lewis-X CHOtransient in brainfucosyl transferase (Fut4)
CD16FcgammaRIII, Ly-17, Fcgr350-60kDIgSFNK, neutrophils, mast cells, macFcgamma low affinity receptor, phagocytosis, ADCC, NK activation
CD18Integrin beta2, Itgb290-95kDIntgFleukocyteswith CD11a, b and c, adhesion
CD19B495kDIgSFB, FDC, good B lineage marker, not plasma cellswith CD21 & CD81, BCR coreceptor, B activation / differentiation
CD20Ly-44, B1, Ms4a233-37kDTM4SFB, T subsetB differentiation / activation
CD21CR2, CR1150kDCCRSFB, DCCD21 / CD35 other variants of CR2 gene, complement C3d receptor, with CD19 & CD81, BCR coreceptor
CD22Lyb-8, Siglec-2140-160kDIgSF / sialoadhesinsBadhesion, B-mono & B-T interactions, B activation, BM homing receptor for IgD+ B cells, CD75 counter-receptor
CD23FcepsilonRII, Ly-42, Fcer1a45-49kDC-type lectinB, mono, mac, gran, platelets, FDC, not B1 cellsCD19/CD21/CD81 receptor, low affinity IgER, signaling
CD24aHSA, Ly-52, Nectadrin35-52kDGPI-linkedB, gran, mono, mac, Tact, erythrocytes, neuronsseveral isoforms, B differentiation & proliferation, adhesion, T costimulation, CD62P receptor
CD25Ly-43, p55, IL2Ralpha55kDType I TMpre-B, pre-T, Tact, Bact, DC subset, mono, maclow affinity IL-2 binding, with IL-2Rbeta & gamma forms IL-2 receptor high affinity, also soluble form
CD26DPP4, THAM110kDType II TMthymocyte subset, Tact, B, NK, epithelialdipeptidyl peptidase ectoenzyme, activation, adhesion
CD27T14, Tnfrsf745kDTNFRSFmedullary thymocytes, T, NK, B subsetCD70 receptor, T costimulation
CD28Tp4445kDIgSFT, thymocytes, NKCD80 (B7-1) & B7-2 (CD86) receptor, T costimulation
CD29Integrin beta1, gpIIa, Itgb1130kDIntgFleukocytes, fibroblasts, endothelial, epithelialwith CD49a-f (VLA-1-6), with CD51(alphavbeta1), CD29/CD49a ( VLA-1) receptor for VCAM-1, MAdCAM-1 & ECM, VLAb, adhesion, embryonic development
CD30Ki-1, Tnfrsf8105-120kDTNFRSFBact, TactCD153 receptor, lymphocyte proliferation, apoptosis, peripheral tolerance
CD31PECAM-1, pgIIa130-140kDIgSFplatelets, gran, endothelial, DC, mono subset, T subset, B subset, LAKmultiple isoforms, CD38 receptor, signaling, platelet-endothelial adhesion
CD32FcgammaRII, Ly-17, Fcgr2b40-60kDIgSFmono, mac, gran, B, Tact, not NKlow affinity Fc receptor for aggregated Ig/immune complexes, ADCC
CD33Siglec-3, gp6767kDIgSF, sialoadhesinsmyeloid progenitors; granpossible role in hematopoiesis, binds sialic-acid
CD34Mucosialin90-120kDSialomucin familyhematopoietic precursors, capillary endothelial, BM stroma, mast cellsCD62L receptor, adhesion
CD35Cr1, Cr2190kDSRCRSFB, granact, FDCCD21 & CD35 alternative splice variants of Cr2 gene, binds C3b & C4b, adhesion, phagocytosis
CD36FAT, fatty acid translocase88kD platelets, adipocytes, mono, mac, endothelial, erythrocyteoxidized LDL receptor
CD37  TM4SFmRNA: lymphoid, myeloidT-B interaction
CD38Cd38-rs1, T1042kDType II TMB, marginal zone B (high), Tact, thymocyte subset, subsets in yolk sac, in fetal liver, in BMB activation, CD31 receptor, ectoenzyme, ADP-ribosyl cyclase/hydrolase
CD39Entpd170-100kD lymphocyteact, microglia, endothelialecto-nucleoside trisphosphate diphosphohydrolase
CD40gp39 receptor, Tnfrsf545-50kDTNFRSFB, mono, mac, T subset, DC, endothelial, thymic epithelial, induced on cardiac myocytesCD154 receptor, T-B interaction, B costimulation and survival, isotype-switching
CD41gpIIb, Itga2b, CD41b110-125kDIntgFplatelets, megakaryocyteswith CD61 forms GPIIb/IIIa, binds fibrinogen, fibronectin, vWF & thrombospondin, platelet activation, aggregation
CD42Gp9, GPIX20kDLRRFplatelets, megakaryocytesplatelet activation, aggregation
CD42aGPIX, GP922 kDa platelets, megakaryocytescomplex with CD42b, c, and d; platelet adhesion/activation
CD42bGPIbα145 kDa platelets, megakaryocytescomplex with CD42b, c, and d; platelet adhesion/activation
CD42cGPIbβ24 kDa platelets, megakaryocytescomplex with CD42b, c, and d; platelet adhesion/activation
CD42dGPV82 kDa platelets, megakaryocytescomplex with CD42b, c, and d; platelet adhesion/activation
CD43Leukosialin, Ly-48, Spn, sialophorin115 & 135kDType I TMT, Tact, early B, B subset, plateletslow, not resting B, not DCisoforms, signaling, CD54R, B survival, adhesion
CD44Pgp-1, Ly-24, HERMES80-95 & 130kD broad, memory T, not platelets, or hepatocytesbinds hyaluronic acid, leukocyte adhesion/homing, T activation, tumor metastasis
CD44Rvariants of CD44  restricted & variedadhesion, metastasis, receptor for Hyaluronate
CD45LCA, Ly-5, Ptprc180-240kDPTPR family, ASVleukocytes, not mature erythrocytestyrosine phosphatase, leukocyte differentiation / activation, pan-leukocyte marker
CD45.1   Ly-5.2 strains: SJL, DA, STS/A, RIII 
CD45.2   Ly-5.1 strains: BALB/c, C3H, C57BL/6, DBA/1, DBA/2, AKR, A, 129 
CD45R/CT1  CT1 CHOcytotoxic Tact 
CD45RB220220kD B, NK progenitors, LAK, Tact 
CD45RA  exon A isoform  
CD45RB 200-240kDexon B isoformT subset, B, mono, mac 
CD45RC 200-240kDexon C isoformT subset, B 
CD45RO 180kDisoform not exons A, B, or CTact, Bact, DC subset 
CD46MCP, membrane cofactor protein CRRSFbroadcomplement regulation, role in fertilization
CD47IAP, Itgp50kDIgSFhematopoietic cells, epithelial, endothelial, fibroblasts, plateletswith beta3 integrins, leukocyte adhesion, migration, activation, extravasation of PMN, binds SIRPalpha
CD48Blast-1, BCM-1, Sgp-6045kDIgSF, GPI-linkedbroad on lymphocytes, not fibroblastsadhesion, T costimulation, CD2 and Ly-9 receptor
CD49aVLA-1, Integrin alpha1, Itga1180kDIntgFTact, endothelialadhesion, CD49a / CD29 binds collagen & laminin
CD49bVLA-2, Integrin alpha2, Itga2165kDIntgFplatelets, T subset, megakaryocytes, NK subsetadhesion, CD49b / CD29 binds collagen & laminin
CD49cVLA-3, Integrin alpha3, Itga3125kDIntgFB subset, TlowCD49c/CD29 binds laminin, fibronectin, collagen
CD49dVLA-4, Integrin alpha4, Itga4150kDIntgFT, B, monoCD49d / CD29 binds fibronectin, VCAM-1, with beta7 forms LPAM-1 & binds to MAdCAM-1, homing receptor
CD49eVLA-5, Integrin alpha5, Itga5135kDIntgFthymocytes, Tactadhesion, CD49e / CD29 binds fibronectin
CD49fVLA-6, Integrin alpha6, Itga6120kDIntgFmemory T, thymocytes, plateletsadhesion, CD49f / CD29 binds laminin
CD50Icam5, Ticn, Telencephalin130kDIgSFmemory T, thymocytes, plateletsadhesion, CD49f / CD29 binds laminin
CD51VitronectinR, Integrin alphav, Itgav125, 24kDIntgFplatelets, megakaryocytes, endothelial, osteoblasts, melanomaadhesion, CD51 / CD61 binds vitronectin, von Willebrand factor, fibrinogen & thrombospondin
CD52CAMPATH-1, MB7, CLS112kDGPI-linkedmature lymphocytes 
CD53OX-4435-42kDTM4SFleukocytes, DC, osteoblasts, osteoclastssignaling
CD54ICAM-1, Ly-4785-110kDIgSFendoth, mono, resting lymph (high on activation)CD11a / CD18 (LFA-1), CD11b / CD18 (Mac-1) & CD43 receptor, adhesion, T costimulation
CD55Decay Accelerating Factor60-70kDCCRSFbroad, induced in uterus by estrogensimilar to Crry, protection from autologous complement attack
CD56NCAM20-185kDIgSFneural tissue, multiple isoformsadhesion, neuron development, skeletal myogenesis
CD57  B3GAT1Glucuronosyl-transferase P 
CD58 (H)LFA-3  not defined in mouse 
CD59Protectin, MAC-inhibitor19kDGPI-linkedbroadbinds complement C8 & C9, blocks membrane attack complex assembly
CD60 (H)  CHOnot defined in mouse 
CD61GPIIIa, Integrin beta3, Itgb3105kDIntgFplatelets, megakaryocytes, mac, endothelialCD41 / CD61 or CD51 / CD61 complexes adhere to ECM
CD62EE-selectin, ELAM-1, Sele 97107-115kDSelectinendothelialsialyl-Lewis x receptor, leukocyte rolling & migration, tumor metastasis
CD62LL-selectin, LECAM-1, sell74 & 95kDSelectinB, T, mono, gran, NK, thymocytesCD34, GlyCAM, & MAdCAM-1 receptor, lymphocyte homing, leukocyte tethering & rolling
CD62PP-selectin, Selp140kDSelectinplateletsact, endothelialCD162 & sialyl LewisX receptor, adhesion, neutrophil rolling, platelet-neutrophil & platelet-mono interactions, binds to CD24
CD63MLA153kDTM4SFplateletsact, mono, macactivated platelets marker, lysosomal membrane protein, translocates to surface upon activation, melanoma associated antigen
CD64FcgammaRI72kDIgSFmono, mac, DC, granacthigh affinity IgG receptor, phagocytosis, trypsin-sensitive, ADCC
CD65 (H)   not defined in mouse 
CD66aCeacam1, C-Cam IgSF, CEA familycolon, liver, hematopoietic tissuescell-cell interaction, hepatitis virus receptor
CD68Macrosialin, gp11087-115kDSialomucinpredominantly intracellular, tissue mac, DClowlysosomal associated protein
CD69Activation Inducer Molecule, VEA35-39kDC-type lectinTact, Bact, NKact, granact, thymocytes, plateletsactivation, early activation marker
CD70Ki-24, Tnfsf750, 70, 90, 160kDTNFSFBact, Tact, cardiac myocytesCD27 receptor, T & B costimulation
CD71T9, Trfr95kDType II TM, dimerproliferating cells, reticulocytes, erythroid precursorstransferrin receptor, iron uptake, cell activation
CD72Lyb-240-45kDC-type lectin, homodimerB, FDC, T subset, polymorphic extracellular portionCD5 & CD100 receptor, B costimulation
CD73Nt5e69kDGPI-linked ecto-5’-nucleotidase, T costimulation, adhesion
CD74Ii, Ia-invariant chain33-43kDType II TMB, mac, monoMHC class II traffic & function, antigen presentation
CD75   BM homing of recirculating B cells, CD22 counter-receptor 
CD77 (H)   not defined in mouse 
CD79aIga, mb-1, Ly-5433 & 45kDIgSFBBCR subunit, BCR expression & signaling
CD79bIgb, B2937kDIgSFBBCR subunit, BCR expression & signaling
CD80B7, B7-1, Ly-5360kDIgSFBact, Tact, mono, mac, DC, pancreatic beta cellsCD28 & CD152 receptor, costimulation, T-B interaction
CD81TAPA-126kDTM4SFT, B, NK, thymocytes, DC, endoth, fibroblast, neuroblastomas, melanomaswith CD19 & CD21, signaling, T costimulation
CD82KAI1, C3350-53kDTM4SF, ASVTact, mRNA: spleen, kidneyinhibits tumor cell mobility
CD83 43kDIgSF, Siglec familyDC, Tact, mRNA: spleen & brainregulation of T response, binds to a ligand on B cells
CD84  IgSFB, mac, mRNA: hematopoietic tissue 
CD85   MHC class I recognition 
CD86B70, B7-2, Ly-5880kDIgSFmono, Bact, Tact, DCCD28/CD152 receptor, T costimulation, T-B interaction
CD87UPA-R, Plaur GPI-linked mRNA: muPAR1 luminal epithelial of gastric mucosa, muPAR2 basal epithelial, PAR2 secreted uPA binding protein
CD88C5aR, C5r140kDTM7SFgran, neurons, astrocytes, microgliaC5a receptor, granulocyte activation, neurodegeneration
CD89FcalphaR, IgA receptor55-75kDIgSFmono, mac, neutrophils, B subset, T subsetphagocytosis, degranulation, respiratory burst
CD90Thy-118kDIgSF, GPI-linkedthymocytes, T, hematopoietic subset, neurons, not Bhematopoietic stem cell & neuron differentiation, T activation
CD90.1   thy1a(thy1.1) strains: AKR & RF 
CD90.2   thy1b(thy1.2) all other strains 
CD91lrp1, A2mr600kDLDL receptor familymono, mac, neurons, liver, fibroblastsreceptor for a-2- macroglobulin, LDL, HSPgp96, apolipoprotein, lipoprotein metabolism
CD92 (H)   not defined in mouse 
CD93AA4.1 antigen, C1qRp, early B lineage marker, Ly68130-140kDC-type lectinhematopoietic progenitor marker for early B cells, endo, megakaryoblasts, plateletsphagocytic complement C1q receptor
CD94KP43, klrd143kDC-type lectinNK, T subsetwith NKG2, inhibits NK function
CD95Apo-1, Fas35kDTNFRSFthymocytes, lymphocytesactCD95L(CD178) receptor, apoptosis induction, immune system regulation, lpr mutation
CD96TACTILE, T cell ACTivation Increased Late Expression160kDIgSFmRNA: spleen, mammary glandadhesion of activated T & NK
CD97TM7LN1 TM7S  lymphoid, myeloidCD55 receptor
CD984F2, Ly-1080, 40kD thymocytes, lymphocytes, mono, BMcell activation, calcium flux
CD99Pilr-1, D4    
CD100Sema4d, semaphorinH150kDIgSFmRNA: lymphoid & nervous tissuesCD72 receptor, role in immune & nervous systems
CD101IgSF3 IgSF role in susceptibility to type I diabetes
CD102ICAM-2, Ly-6055-65kDIgSFlymphocytes, mono, platelets, endothelialbinds CD11a / CD18 (LFA-1), costimulation
CD103HML-1, alphaIEL, alphaE integrin, Itgae150kDIntgFintraepithelial lymphocytes, BM mast, lymphocytesactwith integrin beta7, binds E-cadherin, lymphocyte homing
CD104beta4 integrin, Itgb4220kDIntgFepithelial, endothelial, immature thymocytes, Schwann cells, tumor cells, keratinocyteswith CD49f, cell adhesion / migration, differentiation, tumor metastasis, a6b4 is tumor associated Ag Tsp-180
CD105Endoglin, Eng95kD endothelial, BM cell subset, macactresponse to TGF-beta1, ligand for TGF-beta, adhesion
CD106VCAM-1110kDIgSFendothelialact, FDC, BM myeloidCD49d / CD29 receptor, adhesion / migration, costimulation
CD107aLAMP-1120kD plateletsact, Tact, endothelialactadhesion, metastasis
CD107bLAMP-2110kD plateletsact, Tact, endothelialactadhesion, metastasis
CD108Sema7a80kDIgSF, GPI-linkedmRNA: nervous system(high), immune system 
CD109Gov platelet alloantigen    
CD110TPO-R, c-mpl82-84kDCRSFmegakaryocytes, plateletsthrombopoietin receptor, megakaryocyte differentiation
CD111PRR1, Nectin-1, Pvrl64-72kDIgSF, ASVfibroblasts, epithelium, neuronspolio virus receptor-related protein1, mediates entry of herpes simplex virus (HSV) strains
CD112PRR2, Pvs, Nectin-264-72kDIgSF, ASVmRNA: brain, spinal cord, spleen, kidney, heart, liverintercellular adhesion, not a receptor for poliovirus
CD113PVRL3, Nectin3100kDIg-like, ASVbroad, epithelialadhesion molecule, interacts with afadin
CD114G-CSFR, Csfgr, Csf3r95, 139kDCRSFprogenitor & mature neutrophils, endothelial, placenta, some myeloid leukemiamyeloid proliferation & differentiation
CD115M-CSFR, c-fms, Csf1r150kDRTKFmonocytic progenitors, osteoclastsM-CSF receptor, monocytic lineage proliferation/ differentiation, role in differentiation of osteoclasts
CD116GM-Csf2ra70-85kDCRSFmono, gran, DC, endotheliallow affinity GM-CSF receptor, with common beta AIC2B form high affinity receptor, myeloid proliferation, differentiation
CD117c-kit, Steel factor145kDIgSF, RTKFhematopoietic stem & progenitors, neural crest-derived melanocytes, primordial germ cells, mast cellsStem Cell Factor receptor, hematopoietic progenitor development & differentiation, dominant white spotting (w) mutation
CD118LIFR190kDType I cytokine receptor family, ASVplacenta, liver, kidney, heart, lung, brain epithelialmembrane-bound involved in signal transduction, soluble form inhibits activity of LIF
CD119IFNgammaR, ifgr1, Ifngr90-100kD mac, mono, B, T, NK, neutrophils, endothelialInterferon-gamma receptor alpha chain, with IFNgamma AF-1, host defense, high affinity IFNgamma binding
CD120aTNFR1, p5550-60kDTNFRSFbroadTNF receptor, binds both TNFalpha & TNFbeta, apoptosis
CD120bTNFR2, p7575-85kDTNFRSFbroadTNF receptor, high affinity binding to TNFalpha & TNFbeta, apoptosis
CD121aIL-1R type I80kDIgSFbroadlow, fibroblasts, T, brain, pancreas, cardiac endothelial, epithelial, developing oocytesType I IL-1R, binds IL-1alpha & IL-1beta, IL-1 signaling
CD121bIL-1R, type II68kDIgSFB, mac, mono, T subset (Th2), epidermis, dermis, vaginal basal epithelial, brainType II IL-1R, binds IL-1alpha & IL-1beta, a decoy receptor
CD122IL-2Rbeta, p7075kDCRSFNK, T, B, monoIL-2R & IL-15Rbeta chain, signaling, with CD25 & CD132 form high affinity IL-2R, lymphocyte development
CD123IL-3Ralpha70kDCRSFlymphocyte subset, basophils, hematopoietic progenitors, mac, DC, megakaryocytesIL-3R alpha chain, low affinity binding to IL-3, with CDw131 form high affinity IL3 binding
CD124IL-4Ralpha140kDCRSFlymphocyteslow, mono, hematopoietic precursors, fibroblast, epithelialIL-4Ralpha chain, with CD132 or IL-13Ralpha chain, with CD132 forms high affinity IL-4R, T growth & differentiation, soluble form
CD125IL-5Ralpha60kDCRSFeosinophils, basophilsIL-15Ralpha chain, with CDw131 for low affinity IL-5 binding, with beta subunit for high affinity IL-15 binding
CD126IL-6Ralpha80kDIgSF, CRSFBact, plasma cells, most leukocyteslow, fibroblastsIL-6Ralpha subunit, low affinity IL-6 binding, with CD130 for high affinity IL-6 binding, soluble form
CD127IL-7Ralpha65-75kDCRSFpro-B, TIL-7Ralpha chain, with CD132 for high affinity IL-7 binding, T & B development
CD128see CD181 and CD182    
CD130IL-6Rbeta, gp130130kDCRSFbroad in adult & embryonic cellsCommon beta chain of IL-6R, IL-11R, LIFR, OSMR
CD131IL-3R, AIC2B/A, common beta, Csf2rb1, Csf2rb295-120kDCRSFmono, gran, early B2 genes in mouse, signaling, with alpha subunits of IL-3, IL-5, GM-CSF receptors
CD132IL-2R Common beta64kDCRSFT, B, NK, mono, gran, DCSubunit of IL-2, IL-4, IL-7, IL-13, & IL-15R, signaling, mutation: X-linked SCID
CD133Prominin-1, AC133115-120kDTM5 glycoproteinprimitive cells like hematopoietic progenitors, neural, endothelial stem cells, retina, retinoblastoma, developing epithelial (apical surface)unknown
CD134OX-40, Ly-70, Txgp148-50kDTNFRSFTactOX-40L receptor, apoptosis, T activation / differentiation
CD135Flt3/Flk2, EMS-like tyr kinase 3130-150kDRTK familyhematopoietic progenitors: myeloid & primitive B progenitorsbinds FLT3 ligand, myeloid & lymphoid development, expands hematopoietic progenitors & DC
CD136STK, Mst1r, RON180kDRTK familyhematopoietic cellsmacrophage stimulatory 1 receptor
CD1374-1BB, Tnfrsf930kDTNFRSFTactT costimulation, binds to 4-1BBL, fibronectin, vitronectin, laminin, collagen VI
CD138syndecan-1, Sdc180-150kDSyndecanepithelial, plasma cells, pre-B, neuronsreceptor for ECM, cell morphology, B differentiation
CD139 (H)   not defined in mouse 
CD140aPDGF receptor alpha180kDRTK familyfibroblasts, smooth muscle, glial cells, chondrocytesPDGFRaa binds PDGF AA, AB, BB, PDGFRab binds AB, BB, PDGFRbb binds PDGFBB, embryonic development, signaling
CD140bPDGF receptor beta180kDRTK familyfibroblasts, smooth muscle, glial cells, chondrocytessee CD140a for ligands, signaling
CD141Thrombomodulin100kDC-type lectinmono, neutrophils, endothelial, smooth muscleinitiation of protein C anticoagulant pathway
CD142Tissue Factor, factor III, F345kDmRNA: broadbinds clotting factor VIIa, embryonic development 
CD143ACE170kD endothelial, epithelial, neuron, fibroblasts, macactpeptidyl-peptidase, angiotensin converting enzyme
CD144Cadherin5, VECadherin130kDCadherinsendothelialadhesion, intercellular interaction
CD146MUC18, S-endo, mcom IgSFembryonic tissue, mammary tumorscell adhesion during development
CD147Neurothelin, basigin, Bsg IgSFleukocytesact, erythrocytes, platelets, endothelialadhesion, blood-brain barrier
CD148HPTP-eta, M4, M56240-260kD mRNA: broad, high in brain, kidneytyrosine phosphatase R Type III
CD150SLAM, IPO-375kDIgSFT, B, maintained on Th1costimulation, proliferation, Ig production
CD151PETA-3, SFA-132kDTM4SFendothelial, megakaryocytes, plateletsadhesion, signaling
CD152CTLA-4, Ly-5633kDIgSFTactCD80, CD86 receptor, negative T stimulation
CD153CD30L, Tnfsf840kDTNFSFTact, macact, neutrophil, B, induced on cardiac myocyteCD30 receptor, T costimulation
CD154CD40L, gp39, Ly-62, Tnfsf532-39kDTNFSFtransiently on Tact, B subset (intracellular), plateletsCD40 receptor, B & DC costimulation, T activation
CD155PVR80-90kDIgSFmono, macPolio virus receptor
CD156aADAM8, MS269kDType I TMneutrophils, monometalloprotease, leukocyte extravasation
CD156bTACE/ ADAM 17100kD broadzinc metalloprotease, TNF converting enzyme
CD156cADAM10, kuz, kuzbanian, Madm60kDPeptidase M12B familyneural precursors, fibroblastsproteolytic cleavage of cell-surface molecules including Notch, TNF-alpha, APP & ephrin-A2
CD157BST-1, Ly-65, Bp338-48kDGPI-linkedgran, mono, early B, T subset, BM stromaADP-ribosyl-cyclic ADP-ribose hydrolase, pre-B growth
CD158 (H)KIR  not defined in mouse 
CD159aNKG2A, Klrc143kD NK & NKT cellswith CD94, Qa-1(b) receptor, inhibitory signaling
CD159cNKG2C C-type lectinNK & NKT cellswith CD94, Qa-1(b) receptor, stimulatory signaling
CD160BY5527kDIgSFNK subset, T subsetcostimulation
CD161cNKR-P1c, Ly-55, NK1.140kDC-type lectinNK, T subsetNK cell-mediated cytotoxicity
CD162PSGL-1, Slp1120kDMucin familymyeloid cells, lymphocyte subsetCD62P & CD62L receptor, adhesion, leukocyte rolling
CD162R (H)PEN-5  not defined in mouse 
CD163 100-130kDSRCRSFperitoneal mac 
CD164MGC-24, A115, A2480kDSialomucinmRNA: broad various adult & embryonic tissueshematopoietic progenitor-stroma interaction
CD165AD2, gp37  not defined in mouse 
CD166ALCAM120kDIgSFneurons, Tact, mono, epithelial, fibroblastsCD6 receptor, adhesion, T development, T-B interaction, role in nervous system
CD167aDDR1120kDRTK familyepithelial, myoblasts, brain, early marker neuroectodermadiscoidin domain receptor, tyrosine kinase, adhesion
CD168RHAMM, Hmmr70-73kD broadhyaluronan-mediated motility receptor, adhesion, cell locomotion, tumor metastasis (intracellular in human breast cancer)
CD169sialoadhesin, Sn, Siglec-1185kDIgStissue mac subsetadhesion, cell-cell & cell-matrix interactions, binds alpha2,3-sialylated ligands CD43, CD227, SRBC-R
CD170 (H)Siglec-5, CD33-like2140kDIgSF, sialoadhesinsmac subset, neutrophilsadhesion
CD171L1, cell adhesion molecule200-210kDIgSFCNS, PNS, glial cells, mono, T subset, B, DC, lymph node reticular fibroblasts, some epithelialhomotypic adhesion, T co-stimulation, integrin binding, KO has neuropathologies similar to CRASH disorder
CD172aSIRPalpha, Ptpns1110kDIgSFmono, mac, DC, T subset, stem cellsadhesion, with CD47, SHP substrate-1
CD172bSIRPbeta60-90kDIg-like Type I cell surface receptormac and other hematopoietic lineagesengagement of SIRPbeta promotes phagocytosis in mac
CD172g (H)SIRPgamma  not defined in mouse 
CD173-CD175 (H)  CHO  
CD176Trf, transferring, Tfn, HP CHO  
CD177NB156-62kDGPI-linkedneutrophil subset (surface & intracellular) 
CD178Fas Ligand, CD95L,TNFSF638-42kDTNFSFTact, testisapoptosis of CD95+ cells, immune privilege, soluble form in serum, gld mutation nonfunctional FasL
CD179aV pre B16kDIgSFpro- & early pre-BB differentiation, signaling, pre-BCR with IgM/CD79alpha/beta
CD179bLambda 522kDIgSFpro- & early pre-BB differentiation, signaling, pre-BCR with IgM/CD79alpha/beta
CD180RP105, Ly-7895-105kDLRRF, TLRSFB, mono, DCB recognition & signaling of LPS, with MD-1
CD181CXCR1, IL8Ralpha39kDGPCR familyneutrophils, basophils, NK, T subset, monobinding of IL-8 induces chemotaxis of neutrophils
CD182CXCR2, IL8Rbeta40kDGPCR familyneutrophils, basophils, NK, T subset, monobinding of IL-8 induces chemotaxis of neutrophils, also binds GRO and NAP-2
CD183CXCR3, Cmkar3, gpr940kDTM7SFTact (Th1), NK, eosinophils, GM-CSF activated hematopoietic progenitors6Ckine, IP-10 , Mig & I-TAC receptor, T recruitment to inflammatory sites,Th1 response, allograft destruction
CD184CXCR4, Cmkar4, Fusin/LESTR45kDTM7SFT subset, B, DC, mono, endothelialSDF-1 receptor, embryogenesis, (human: X4 HIV-1 coreceptor)
CD185CXCR5, BLR145kDGPCR familyspleen, resting B, T, skin-derived DCbinds BLC, involved in B-cell migration into B-cell follicles of spleen and Peyer’s patches
CD186CXCR6, BONZO40kDGPCR familymemory Tchemokine receptor for CXCL16, also a coreceptor by SIVs and by strains of HIV-2 and m-tropic HIV-1
CD191CCR1, MIP-1alphaR, RANTES-R39kDGPCR familyneutrophils, mono, lymph, eosinophils & osteoclastsreceptor for C-C type chemokines MIP-1alpha, RANTES, MIP-1beta, MCP-1
CD192CCR2, MIP-1alphaR40kDGPCR familyT subset, mono, Breceptor for the MCP-1, MCP-3 & MCP-4 chemokines
CD193CCR3, MIP-1alphaRL245kDGPCR familyskeletal muscle & low amounts in leukocytes, T subsetreceptor for C-C type chemokines eotaxin, MCP-3, MCP-4 and RANTES
CD195CCR5, Cmkbr545kDTM7SFT subset, NK, monolowMIP-1alpha, MIP-1beta & RANTES receptor, (human: R5 HIV-1 coreceptor)
CD196CCR6, KY41145kDGPCR familymainly B, T and DC subsetreceptor for C-C type chemokines MIP-3alpha/LARC
CD197CCR7, Cmkbr745kDTM7SFT, DC subset6Ckine & MIP-2beta receptor
CD198CCR8, TER150kDGPCR familymono, mac, neutrophils, T subsetreceptor for TCA-3/I-309
CD199CCR9, CMKBR1043kDGPCR familyhigh in thymus, immature and mature Treceptor for chemokine SCYA25/TECK, role in T development
CD200OX-245-50kDIgSFthymocytes, B, Tact, DC, endothelial, neuronsT costimulation, regulation of oxidoreductase pathway
CD200ROX-2R  myeloid cells, lymphocyte subsets, Langerhans DCs, dendritic epidermal T cellsinhibitory receptor, signal transduction
CD201Procr, EPCR50kD endothelial & stem cell subsetactivated protein C receptor
CD202bTie2, Tek140kDRTK familystem cells, endothelial from early developmentangiogenesis, Angiopoietin-1 receptor
CD203cENpp1, PC-1, TWY115kDType II TMantibody secreting B, basophils, mast cells, megakaryocytes, gliomaplasma cell alloantigen, ectoenzyme, binding/clearance of extracellular nucleotides
CD204Macrophage scavenger-R, Scvr220kD macendocytosis of macromolecules
CD205DEC-205, Ly75205kDmac mannose receptor SFDC, thymic epithelial, Blow, BM stromal, pulmonary epithelial, brain capillariesantigen up-take/presentation, immune inhibition
CD206macrophage mannose-R, Mrc1180kD mac, mono, DC subsetphagocytosis / pinocytosis mannose containing molecules
CD207Langerin40kDType II TMLangerhans cellsAg capture & endocytic receptor, with Birbeck granules
CD208 (H)DC-LAMP, Lamp370-90kD DCact, interdigitating DC 
CD209DC-SIGN, CIRE44kD DC subsetICAM-3 receptor, HIV-1 binding protein, T-DC interaction
CD209aDC-SIGN, CIRE44 kDa DC subsetsT cell and DC interaction
CD209bSIGN-R1  macrophage subsets (splenic, LN) 
CD209c   evidence at the transcript levelprobable pathogen-recognition receptor
CD209d   evidence at the transcript levelprobable pathogen-recognition receptor
CD209e   evidence at the transcript levelprobable pathogen-recognition receptor
CD210IL-10R90-110kD Th1, B, NK, mono, mast cells, macIL-10 receptor, signaling, related to IFN receptors
CDw210bIL-10Rβ  T cells, B cells, NK cells, monocytes, macrophages 
CD212IL-12Rbeta1100kDdimer & oligomer Type I TMTact, NKacthigh affinity binding to IL-12, with IL-12 receptor beta2, signaling, T & NK response to IL-12
CD213a1IL-13Ralpha1, NR465kDCRSFmono, NK, fibroblasts, endothelialbinds IL-13 low affinity, with CD124
CD213a2IL-13Ralpha265kDCRSFB, monobinds IL-13 high affinity
CD215IL-15Rα  T and B cellscomplexes with CD132 and CD122, development and survival of NK cells
CD217IL-17R120kD broadIL-17 receptor
CD218aIL-18Ralpha, IL1Rrp70kDIL-1R familyT, NK & DCsIL-18 binding leads to the activation of NF-kappaB
CD218bIL-18Rbeta, IL18Rap70kDIL-1R familyT, NK and DCsforms heterodimeric receptor with IL-18Ralpha to enhance IL-18 binding
CD220InsulinR, Insr140 & 70kDRTK familybroadInsulin receptor, regulation of metabolism
CD221IGF-1R140 & 70kDRTK familybroadbinds IGF high affinity, prolif/differentiation
CD222IGF-II R, M6P/IGF2R220-250kDType I TMbroad, 90-95% intracellularcation-independent mannose 6-phosphate receptor, TGFbeta-LAP, plasminogen & proliferin receptor
CD223LAG-370kDIgSFTact, NkactMHC class II ligand, role in natural killing
CD224GGT, Ggtp27, 68kD yolk sac, protoplasmic astrocytes, endothelial, embryonic stem cell linesgamma-glutamyl transpeptidase
CD225Ifitm1, fragilis2, Mil2  primordial germ cellsadhesion, differentiation, interferon-induced transmembrane protein 1
CD226DNAM-1, PTA-1, TLiSA1 IgSFTh1, CD8 T, plateletsplatelet activation, T differentiation, costimulation, Th1 function
CD227Muc1, EMA300kDMucin family type I TMlymphocytes, tumors, epithelial, increased in pregnancyepithelial membrane antigen, organogensis
CD228Melanotransferrin, Mfi280-95kDTransferrinSFmRNA: cartilage(high), testis(moderate) 
CD229Ly-9, Lgp10095, 110kDIgSFthymocytes, T, B, BM subset, not erythrocytesadhesion
CD230Prion protein, PrnP35kDneurons, lymphocytes, other cellsScrapie-associated fibril protein 
CD231TALLA-1, A1530-45kDTM4SFmRNA: brain, colon, muscle, heart, kidney, spleenT cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia marker, neuronal function
CD232VESP-R, PlexinC1200kD broadviral-encoded semaphorin protein receptor
CD233Band3, SLC4A190kDAnion exchanger Ferythrocytes, mRNA: epithelial, other tissuesanion pump, CO2 transport, linking membrane to cytoskeleton
CD234Duffy, Dfy, DARC36-37kD mRNA: spleen, BM, liver, brain, not erythrocytesDuffy blood group antigen chemokine receptor
CD235aGlycophorin A, Gypa36kD erythrocytesone gene only in mouse for Glycophorin A
CD236RGlycophorin C32kD erythrocytes 
CD238Kell blood group, Kel110kD erythrocytes, mRNA: spleen 
CD239 (H)B-CAM, Lu78-85kDIgSFmRNA: broad, erythrocytesLutheran blood group, B adhesion to laminin
CD240CE (H)Rhesus 30CE30-32kD erythrocytesRh30CE & RH30D is one gene in the mouse: RH30
CD241Rhesus 50, RhAg50kDTM12SFerythrocytesRh antigens with CD47 & LW
CD242 (H)ICAM-4, LW blood group42kDIgSFerythrocytesadhesion, Landsteiner-Wiener blood group
CD243MDR-1, Abcb1, Pgp170kD T subset, stem cells, small intestine, kidneyion pump, cytokine export, CTL function
CD2442B4, Ly-90, Nmrk78kDType II TM, IgSFNK, NKT, LAKNK activation, CD48 receptor, MHC-unrestricted killing
CD246ALK, Ki-1200kDRTK familymRNA: brain, not normal lymphocytesanaplastic lymphoma kinase, brain development
CD247TCR zeta, cd3z16kDRTK familyT, NK subsetTCR subunit, signaling, low level impaired immune function
CD248TEM1, Endosialin175kDC-Type Lectinendothelial tissuemay function in tumor progression and angiogenesis
CD249 (H)Aminopeptidase A  not defined in mouse 
CD252OX-40 Ligand, gp3435kDTNFSFBact, cardiac myocytesT-B interaction, T costimulation
CD253TRAIL, APO-2L TNFSFNKact, liver NKapoptosis
CD254TRANCE, RANKL, OPGL~35kDTNFSFTact, osteoblastsT-DC communication, osteoclast differentiation
CD256APRIL, TALL-216kDTNFSFTact, mono, macbinds TACI and BCMA
CD257BLyS, BAFF, TALL-145kDTNFSFmonobinds TACI, BCMA & BAFFR to induce B proliferation
CD258LIGHT, HVEM-L28kDTNFSFTact, immature DCbinds LTBR to induce T proliferation, also binds HVEM
CD261 (H)TRAIL-R1  not defined in mouse 
CD262TRAIL-R2, DR5, Apo2, TRICK2, KILLER TNFRSFbroadligand for TRAIL, activates NF-kappaB & mediates apoptosis, p53-dependent expression
CD263 (H)TRAIL-R3  not defined in mouse 
CD264 (H)TRAIL-R4  not defined in mouse 
CD265RANK, TRANCE-R, ODFR97kDTNFRSFbroad expressionbinding of TRANCE mediates osteoclastogenesis & T-DC interactions
CD266TWEAK Receptor, Fn1414kDTNFRSFmRNA in liver regeneration, Colon 26 cell linecell migration, proliferation, angiogenesis, activates NF-kappaB pathway
CD267TACI, TNFRSF13b32kDTNFRSFTact and Bbinding of APRIL or BLyS stimulates B and T function
CD268BAFFR, Bcmd25kDTNFRSFBBLyS binding promotes survival of mature B & B response
CD269BCMA, TNFRSF13B20kDType III TM, TNFRSFmature B (membrane and perinuclear)binds APRIL, BAFF, survival and proliferation
CD270TNFRSF14, HVEM30 kDa T cells, monocytes, DCs, B cells,stimulatory and inhibitory signaling
CD271NGFR, TNFRSF16, p75 (NTR), Bex3, Ngfrap145kDTNFRSFneurons, mesenchymal stem cellsbinds NGF, BDNF, NT-3 and NT-4, tumor suppressor mediate cell survival and death
CD272BTLA, B & T Lymphocyte Associated33kDIgSFT, B , BM, splenic macs, BM derived DCbinds HVEM, negative regulation
CD273B7DC, PD-L2, PDCD1L225kDIgSFDC subset, mono, macbinds PD-1, co-stimulation or suppression of T cell proliferation
CD274B7-H1, PD-L1, PDCD1LG133kDIgSFleukocytes, decrease in mature thymic T cellsbinds PD-1, proliferation and cytokine production
CD275B7-H2, GL50, ICOS-L, B7h, B7RP-160kDB7 familyAPC, B, DC, maclymphocyte costimulation, receptor for ICOS
CD276B7-H3, B7RP-240-45kDB7 familyin vitro cultured DC and mononegative regulator of T cell activation
CD277 (H)BT3.1  not defined in mouse 
CD278ICOS, Inducible T cell costimulator , Ly11555-60kDCD28 familyTact, Th2T costimulation, B7-H2 receptor, cytokine production
CD279PD-1, programmed death-155kDIgSFTact, Bactnegatively regulates lymphocytes, T cell development
CD280ENDO180, UPARAP, MRC2180kDCD28 familychondrocytesbinds uPAR, mannose receptor, collagen matrix remodeling & endocytic recycling
CD281TLR190kDTLR familylow levels in leukocytesinnate immunity, with TLR2
CD282TLR290kDTLR familymyeloid lineage: mac & DC in spleenresponse to bacterial lipoproteins
CD283TLR3100kDTLR familyDC subset, mac, fibroblasts, induced by LPSbinds dsRNA, activation of NK-kappaB
CD284TLR4, Ly87, Rasl2-8100kDTLR family, ASVthioglycollate-elicited peritoneal macbinds LPS, innate immunity
CD285TLR5100kDa thioglycolate-elicited peritoneal macrophages 
CD286TLR690kDa DCs, monocytes, epithelial subsetspathogen recognition, activation of innate immunity
CD288TLR785kDa leukocytes, monocytes, DCspathogen recognition, activation of innate immunity
CD289TLR9120kDTLR familyDC subset (intracellular)binds CpG-DNA
CD292BMPR1A, ALK357kDType I, BMP receptorbone progenitor, broadbinds BMP 2 & 4, bone development, germ layer specification
CD293BMPR1B, ALK657kDType I, BMP receptorbone progenitor, developing retinabinds BMP, bone development, neurogenesis
CD294CRTH2, GPR4455-70kDGPCR-7TMTh2, eosinophils, basophilsbinds prostaglandin D2, chemotaxis
CD295LeptinR, LEPR132kDType I cytokine-like receptor, ASVbroadadipose metabolism, may be involved in immune dysfunction in obesity
CD296ART1, RT6, ART237kDADP- ribosyltransferaseheart and skeletal muscle, peripheral T, NK subsetGPI linked protein modifies integrin during differentiation
CD297ART4, dombrock blood group38kDADP- ribosyltransferaseheart, lung, liver, and spleen, erythroid, monoact 
CD298Na+/K+-ATPase beta3 subunit, ATP1B352kD broadtransporter
CD299 (H)DC-SIGN-related  not defined in mouse 
CD300aClm8, LMIR1, MMAC8, Pigr4, MAIR-I, mcpir135 kDa T and B cell subset, myeloid cells 
CD300bIrem3, Lmir5  myeloid cells, mast cells 
CD300cClm6  evidence at the transcript level 
CD300eClm2  evidence at the transcript level 
CD300fClm1, Lmir3  myeloid cells, mast cells, B cells 
CD301aMacrophage galactose type-C lectin (MGL1)  macrophages, immature DCs 
CD301bMacrophage galactose type-C lectin (MGL2)  dermal DCs, BMDCs, connective tissue, macrophageslow 
CD302DCL-1, Clec13A30 kDa macrophages 
CD303Clecsf10, dectin-2 C-type lectin domain family 4tissue mac, DC, upregulated on blood monoinflammatory lesion, UV-induced tolerance
neuropilin 1,     
Nrp, NP-1130kDsemaphorin familyDC, neurons, endothelial & tumor cells, CD4+/CD25+ Tregbinds VEGF165, semaphorins, coreceptor with plexin, axonal guidance, angiogenesis, cell survival, migrationpolyclonal
CD305LAIR132-40kDIgSF, ASVbroad, NK, B, T, monoinhibitory receptor on NK and T cells
CD307aFCRL1 (Fc receptor-like 1), FCRH1, IFGP1, IRTA5, FCRL1    
CD307bFCRL2 (Fc receptor-like 2), FCRH2, IFGP4, IRTA4, SPAP1, SPAP1A, SPAP1B, SPAP1C    
CD307cFCRL3, Fc receptor-like 3, FCRH3, IFGP3, IRTA3, SPAP2    
CD307dFCRL4, Fc receptor-like 4, FCRH4, IGFP2, IRTA1    
CD307eFCRL5, Fc receptor-like 5, CD307, FCRH5, IRTA2, BXMAS1, PRO820    
CD309VEGFR2, Flk-1, KDR230kDType III TM tyr kinaseendothelial, angiogenic precursor cells; hemangioblastbinds VEGF, regulates adhesion and cell signaling
CD312 (H)EMR2  not defined in mouse 
CD314NKG2D, KLRK142kDType II lectin-like receptorNK, CD8+ activated, not CD4+ in the periphery, macactbinds MHC class I, Rae1 & ULBP4, cytolysis and cytokine production; costimulatory
CD315CD9P1, SMAP6, FPRP, PTGFRN135kDIgSFB subset, monoactwith CD81 and CD9
CD316EWI2, PGRL, KASP63-75kDTM4SF, IgSF8B, T, low on NK cellswith CD81 & CD9; involved in cell migration
CD317BST230-36kDType IIBM stromals, fibroblasts, plasmacytoid DCpre-B cell growth, overexpressed in multiple myeloma
CD318CDCP1, CUB domain containing protein 1    
CD319CRACC, SLAMF766kDIg TMpredicted: T, B and DC subset, NK, upregulated in DCregulate T and NK cells
CD320  8D6, VLDL  
CD321JAM1, F11 receptor, KAR12.5kDIgSF, Type I, AVSepithelial and endothelial, plateletstight junction, binds reovirus & LFA1, platelet receptor
CD322JAM2, VE-JAM45kDIgSFHEV and other endotheliamediates transendothelial migration of lymphocytes
CD324E-Cadherin, Uvomorulin120kDcadherin SFnon-neural epithelialbinding to integrin alphaE/beta7 & homotypic interactions mediate cell adhesion
CD325N-Cadherin, Cadherin-2140kDcadherin SFbrain, skeletal & cardiac muscleadhesion, may be involved in neuronal recognition mechanism
CD326Ep-CAM, EGP, Ly-7440kDthymocytes, epithelial, DCmay function as growth factor receptor or adhesion molecule 
CD327 (H)siglec6  not defined in mouse 
CD328 (H)siglec7  not defined in mouse 
CD329siglec9, siglecl1 IgSFmonocyte/myeloid cellsmediates sialic-acid dependent binding to cells
CD331FGFR1, FLT2, N-SAM30kDTM tyr kinasefibroblasts, epithelialbinds FGF, wound healing, bone development
CD332FGFR2, KGFR, KSAM115-135kDTM tyr kinasefibroblasts, epithelial, ectoderm of embryobinds FGF, embryonic limb development, AER
CD333FGFR3, ACH, CEK2115kDTM tyr kinase, ASVfibroblasts, epithelial, astrocytesbinds FGF, bone & CNS development
CD334FGFR4, TKF110kDTM tyr kinasefibroblasts, epithelial, hepatocytesbinds FGF, bone development
CD335NKp46, Ly-94 homolog46kDIgSFNKbinds non-MHC, NK activation
CD336 (H)NKp44  not defined in mouse 
CD337 (H)Ncr3, IC7, Ly117  mouse IC7 mRNA in liver 
CD338ABCG2, Mxr, ABC15, BCRP173kDGPCR 7TMstem cell subset (side population)Multi-drug resistance transporter
CD339Jagged-1, Serrate1135kDEGF TMBM stromal & mac, stromal cell linesreceptor for Notch-1, 2, & 3, hematopoiesis, Th2 fate
CD340ErbB-2, c-neu, HER2185 kDa fetal heart, gonads, adult uterine epithelial cells, and in synaptic sites of muscle fibersmember of the ERBB family of receptor tyrosines; involved in a wide range of cellular responses
CD344Frizzled-4, F2459 kDa embryonic and adult tissueactivation of the Wnt/β-catenin pathway; regulation of tissue and cell polarity
CD349Frizzled-9, Fzd965 kDa selectively expressed in the developing embryo and adultactivation of the Wnt/β-catenin pathway; regulation of tissue and cell polarity
CD350Frizzled-10, Fzd1064 kDa embryonic and adult tissueactivation of the Wnt/β-catenin pathway; regulation of tissue and cell polarity
CD351FCAMR70 kDa oligodendrocytes, B cells, macrophages, T cells, Tact cells 
CD352SLAMF6, Ly108, NTB-A60 kDa T, B, and NK cellsenhances NK cell activity
CD353SLAMF8, Blame  evidence at the transcript levelpossible role in B-lineage commitment or modulation of BCR signaling
CD354TREM130 kDa monocytes, DCs, macrophage subsets, platelets, megakaryocytes, microglia, hepatocytes, osteoclastsinnate immune response to infection
CD355Class-I MHCrestricted T-cell associated molecule (CRTAM)70 kDa NKact cells, CD8 Tact cellsadhesion
CD357TNFRSF18, Gitr66–70 kDa Tact and Treg cellsparticipation in dominant immunological self-tolerance
CD358TNFRSF21, Dr6r  hematopoietic and nonhematopoietic cells; tumor cellsapoptosis
CD360IL-21R, Nilr60 kDa T cells, B cells, NK cells, DCscomplex with CD132, activation, proliferation, development, apoptosis
CD361EVI2B  widely expressed in hematopoietic cells 
CD362Syndecan-2, SDC2, HSPG1, SYND225 kDa epithelial cells, neuronal cells, mesenchymal cellsadhesion, migration
CD363Sphingosine- 1-phosphate receptor 1 (S1PR1), EDG1, Lpb140 kDa lymphocytes, endothelial cells
neural cells
adhesion, migration, cytoskeletal organization
CD364PI16, peptidase inhibitor 16, MSMBBP49 kDa T cell subsets (Treg and memory)putative serine protease inhibitor
CD365TIM-1, HAVCR1, HAVCR-1, TIMD138 kDa Activated CD4+ T cells, B cell subsetrole in T-helper cell development, involved in hepatitis A virus entry into cells
CD366TIM-3, HAVCR2, TIMD333 kDa Th1 cellsinhibitory receptor on Th1 cells
CD366TIM-3, HAVCR2, TIMD333 kDa Th1 cellsinhibitory receptor on Th1 cells
CD367CLEC4A, DCIR, DDB27, CLECSF6327 kDa B cells, monocytes, granulocytes, plasmacytoid DCs, monocyte DCsinhibitory receptor on DCs and B cells
CD368CLEC4D, MCL, CLECSF8, CLEC-6, MPCL24 kDa monocytes, macrophagesendocytic receptor
CD369CLEC7A, DECTIN-1, CLECSF1227 kDa monocytes, macrophages, DCs, neutrophils, lymphocyteslowlectin, necessary for TLR2-mediated inflammatory response
CD370CLEC9A, HEEE9341, UNQ9341, DNGR127 kDa DCs (conventional DCs, plasmacytoid DCs)endocytic receptor
CD371CLEC12A, CLL-1, MICL, DCAL-230 kDa neutrophils, eosinophils, monocytes, DC subsetsignal transduction

Mouse non-CD cellular antigens

4-1BBLTnfsf9 TNFSFBact, DCact, peritoneal macactDC activation, cytokine production
33D1 antigenDC-specific marker  DC subpopulationsupregulated by GM-CSF, downregulated by IL-4
AA4.1 antigensee CD93    
ABCG2see CD338    
AC133see CD133    
AIDAicda RNA-editing deaminase familyGerminal Center B (low to undetectable levels)Activation-Induced Deaminase, Ig class switch recombination
B7-DCsee CD273    
B7-H1see CD274    
B7-H2see CD275    
B7-H3see CD276    
B7-H4B7S1, B7x, GPI-linkedF3  T, B, mono, DC subsetslymphocyte costimulation
BP-1Ly-51, 6C3, Enpep120-160kDType II TMearly B progenitors, BM stromal cells, thymic epithzinc metalloproteinase, glutamyl aminopeptidase
BTLAsee CD272    
CCR7see CD197    
CIREsee CD209    
c-MetMet, HGFR/SFR, Par4190kDheterodimer, PTKepith, hematopoietic progenitors, early thymocytes, not detected in adult tissuestumor growth/metastasis, Hepatocyte Growth Factor/Scatter Factor receptor, T development, hematopoiesis
CMKLR1chemokine-like receptor 142kDGPCR 7TMpDC (CD123+), in vitro derived moDCbinds chemerin, pDC recruitment, may be involved in bone development
DC maturation marker   mature DC, B, intracellular granules
DR5see CD262    
DX5see CD49b    
F4/80 antigenEmr1, pan-macrophage marker125kDTM7resident tissue mac, liver Kupffer cells, not blood mono, distinguishes mono/mac from fibroblastsmacrophage maturation
FIREemr490-100kDEGF-7TMmac, neutrophilsact, BM derived DCmyeloid-B cell interaction
Flk-1see CD309    
Flt-4VEGFR3170kDRTK familylymphatic endothendoth growth factor receptor, binds VEGF-C
Foxp3SCURFIN50kDFox family forkheadT cells (CD4+/CD25+ subset and CD8+ subset)transcription factor, may be upregulated in T regs
GITRAITR, Tnfrsf1830kDTNFRSFT subset, Tactcostimulator for CD4+CD25+ Treg subset, induction of apoptosis, regulation of Treg and mucosal immunity
GITRLAITRL, Tnfsf18 TNFSF  DC, Mac, Bcostimulation for T subset
Granzyme BCCP1, Ctla1, Gzmb30kD cytotoxic granules of NK & CTL (CD8+)proteolysis, induction of perforin-mediated apoptosis
HVEMTNFRSF14, TR260kDTNFRSFbroad expressionreceptor for LIGHT, LTalpha, BTLA, Herpes Simplex Virus, involved in lymphocyte activation
ICOSsee CD278    
IgD   peripheral mature B cells 
IgE Receptor high affinityFcepsilonRIalpha  basophils, eosinophils, mono, mast, & Langerhans cellshigh affinity binding to IgE
IgM   surface expression by mature B cells
IL-15R alpha   Tact, dim expressionbinds to IL-15, w/ IL-2Rbeta and common gamma, IL-15 trans-presentation
IL-21R   broad on T, B, NK, DCinduction of apoptosis in B, expansion of CD3 activated T, NK activation, inhibition of DC
Jagged-1see CD339    
JAMLJAM family IgSFneutrophils, monojunctional adhesion molecule 1-like protein, cell contact, neutrophil migration, binds to CAR (coxsackie and adenovirus receptor)
KLRG1MAFA30-38kD NK & T subsetinhibition of cytokine production and cytotoxicity
Lymphotoxin beta ReceptorTnfrsf347kDTNFRSFmast, stromal cells, epithlymphoid organ development
Ly-6A/ESca-118kDGPI-linkedhematopoietic progenitors, myeloid subset, peripheral lymphoid, mast cellsT activation
Ly-6C 14-17kDGPI-linkedendoth, T, NK, mono, mac 
Ly-6DThB, Ly-6115kDGPI-linkedB, T, thymic epith 
Ly-6GGr-121-25kDGPI-linkedmyeloid cells, upregulated in gran 
Ly-49AA1, Klra185kDType II TM C-type lectinT subset, NK subsetregulation of cytotoxicity, binds MHC class I
Ly-49CKlra3, 5E6110kDType II TM C-type lectinT subset, NK subsetregulation of cytotoxicity, binds MHC class I
Ly-49DKlra4 Type II TM C-type lectinNK subsetNK activation
Ly-49GLGL1, Klra785kDType II TM C-type lectinT subset, NK subsetregulation of cytotoxicity
Ly-49HKlra8Type II TM C-type lectin   
Ly-49IKlra9Type II TM C-type lectin   
Mac-3 93-110kD mac (surface & intracellular) related to CD107b 
MAdCAM-1 50kDIgSF, Type I TMendoth subsetmucosal vascular addressin cell adhesion molecule, adhesion, lymph homing, binds CD49d & CD62L
MCP-1monocyte chemoattractant protein; CCL216kD splenocyteschemoattractant for mac and basophils
MD-1Ly8628kD mature B, mono/mac, DCw/ RP105 (CD180), regulates CD180 surface expression & B cell response to LPS, also secreted
Nanog   embryonic stem cellstranscription factor, ES self renewal
NKG2Asee CD159a    
NKG2A B6CD159a, Klrc138kDC-type lectinC57BL/6 mouse strainw/ CD94, Qa-1(b) receptor, inhibitory signaling
NKG2B  C-type lectinsplice variant of NKG2A 
NKG2Csee CD159c    
NKG2Dsee CD314    
NKG2E  C-type lectinNK & NKT cellsw/ CD94, Qa-1(b) receptor, stimulatory signaling
Notch-1Lin-12, Tan1  developing embryo, variety of adult tissuescell-cell interaction, cell fate determination
OX40 Ligandsee CD252    
PD-1see CD279    
PerforinPerforin1, Pfp, Prf170kD intracellular, NK and CTL (CD8+)cytolysis, apoptosis
Plexin B2Plxnb2, DebtSemaphorin/Plexin Family mRNA in nervous system 
Prominin-1see CD133    
RAE-1 gamma   mRNA in early embryo, not adult tissues; upregulated by retinoic acid or certain disease conditions, RAE-1alpha, -beta, and -gamma are expressed in BALB/c mice, but not in C57BL/6, whereas RAE-1delta and -epsilon are expressed in C57BL/6 miceligand for NKG2D
RANKsee CD265    
ROR gamma (t) 58kDROR family Transcription FactorTh17 cells, thymustranscriptional regulation
ROR gamma(t) Products     
SAPSLAM-associated protein14kDadaptor proteinT, NKnegatively regulates SLAM-family receptors
Sca-1see Ly6-A/E    
Sema4ASema b, SemBsemaphorin family DC, B, TactT costimulation, may not be ligand for Tim-2?
SLP-76 76kD T, low in BT cell receptor mediated signaling
SSEA-1stage-specific embryonic antigen-1  mouse ES cells, embryonic carcinomas, germ cellsdown regulated by differentiation
T-bet   Th1 cellstranscription factor, T development / differentiation
TCR alpha beta   T subsetantigen recognition
TCR gamma delta   T subsetantigen recognition
TCR-HY   Transgenic H-Y T cells 
Ter-119Ly-76  early proerythroblast to mature erythrocytew/ glycophorinA, but not a typical glycophorin
TIE2see CD202b    
TIM-1Timd1, Havcr1 Type I TM, IgSFmRNA activated T cells 
TIM-2Timd2 Type I TM, IgSFmRNA activated T cellsreceptor for Sema4A
TIM-3Th1-speci.c marker, Havcr2 Type I TMlate stage of T cell differentiation, CD4+ Th1, CD8+ Tc1effector function of Th1, macrophage activation, regulation of autoimmunity, hepatitis A virus cellular receptor 2
TLR1 - TLR4see CD281 - CD284    
TLR5   mRNA: liver, lung, lower level in MOLF/Ei miceGram-negative bacterial infection
TLR6   mRNA: spleen, thymus, ovary, lungactivation of NF-kappaB & JunK
TLR7PRO285125kDTLR familymany tissues, DC subsetinnate immune response to microbial agents
TLR8PRO286126kDTLR familymany tissues, DC subsetinnate immune response to microbial agents
TLR9see CD289    
TRAILsee CD253    
TRANCEsee CD254    
TWEAKTNF-related weak inducer of apoptosis TNFSF, Type II TMmRNA in many adult and fetal tissuesmembrane-bound and secreted forms, apoptosis, binds Fn14
TWEAK Receptorsee CD266    
ZAP-70TCR zeta-associated kinase70kDSyk familyT (intracellular), NKTCR signaling & development


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