Thermo Scientific™

Samco Capillary Transfer Pipettes

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Pipettes and Pipette Tips

With its innovative design, Thermo Scientific™ Samco Capillary Transfer Pipettes are suited for the collection and dispensing of micro samples of liquid. This makes them ideal for a wide range of rapid tests. The pipettes use capillary action to automatically draw the liquid for precise and accurate sample collection.
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  • Ideal for kitting
  • Uniquely designed with durable, yet soft plastic, helping to reduce the worry of breakage
  • Accurately dispense 50μL, with customization options available
  • Single-use
  • Dispenses liquid within seconds without a plunger
  • No dripping during the transfer stage
  • No anticoagulant coating required; collects and dispenses liquid within seconds
  • Easy-to-see volume marking, allowing for accurate dispensing
  • Fills effortlessly without air bubbles
  • Made from safe, nontoxic materials—free of latex, DEHP, and BPA