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Horizon Fog Testing Systems

Horizon Fog Testing Systems
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The Thermo Scientific™ Horizon Fog Testing System is designed to recreate automotive interior out-gassing in a timely, measurable and repeatable way, utilizing various standards including DIN, ISO and SAE.

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The Horizon Fogging Test System fulfills the DIN, ISO, and SAE standards for fog testing. Available with a choice of controllers, a range of features and a robust pump providing temperature accuracy of ±0.5°C throughout the entire bath ensuring consistent, repeatable results.

  • High capacity heaters provide rapid heating to set point temperature
  • Unique pump nozzle ensures circulation around all six beakers to maintain temperature accuracy
  • Integrated bubble level and four adjusting feet provide easy bath levelling process
  • Sealed frame over bath area prevents heat transfer fluid vapors from corrupting test results
  • Easy-to-view liquid level indicator ensures proper liquid levels are maintained during testing
  • Robust pump design for uniform temperatures
  • Large volume tank wtih 6 flasks enables simultaneous testing, saving valuable time and money
  • Ease of use—drain located on the front of the unit, fill vent on top of the unit, and step-by-step instruction guide


  • Provides real-time graphs with temperature ramping
  • Displays multiple information
  • Displays data

Ordering Information:

To complete the Fog Tesing System:

  • Choose appropriate cooling system
  • Choose accessory kit for the Gravemetiric or Reflectometric test
  • Select individual accessories


Controller, bath, 6 foot power cord


Cooling system (Accel 250 LC, SC100-A10 or PC200-A28) and accessories (gravimetric or reflective testing accessory kits)

  • Warranty varies by country, please contact us for details