Thermo Scientific™

Corona™ Veo™ Charged Aerosol Detector

Related applications:

Industrial Chromatography

Get improved sensitivity for semivolatile compounds, HPLC/UHPLC compatibility, and a wide flow-rate range in a universal detector. The Thermo Scientific™ Dionex™ Corona™ Veo™ Charged Aerosol Detector widens the envelope of LC conditions for use with capillary, microbore and normal-bore columns to take advantage of ever advancing column technologies. The Corona Veo detector is designed to integrate into any LC, HPLC or UHPLC system from any manufacturer. Software drivers are available for the most common chromatography data systems.
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Cleaner Chromatograms, Increased Sensitivity

Electronic control of the gas flow and an integrated stream switching valve allow you to divert the flow to alternate detectors or waste to keep unwanted matrix out of the detector. The continuously adjustable evaporation temperature (5 to 100°C) adds flexibility to manage semivolatiles and minimize baseline noise to maximize sensitivity for your analytes.

The Corona Veo RS Detector offers:

  • Simple, intuitive operation
  • Compatibility with UHPLC/RSLC
  • Ability to easily switch between parallel detectors (e.g., MS)
  • [Ability to change from volatile to nonvolatile mobile phases without removing detector from the system
  • Wide flow rate range from 0.01–2.0mL/min.
  • Data acquisition up tp 200Hz to capture the narrowest peaks
  • Universal, Near Uniform Response

No other detector available today can match the all-around performance of charged aerosol detection. It can be used for the analysis of sugars, carbohydrates, polymers, surfactants and excipients. Charged aerosol detection can provide complete stoichiometric information for formulations in pharma QC for both an organic API and its inorganic counterion&emdash;and it can deliver a linear response over a wider dynamic range than refractive index (RI) or evaporative light scattering detectors (ELSDs).

Because response is near uniform and independent of chemical structure, concentrations can be measured against any known standard.

Recommended Use

Charged aerosol detection can be used for the analysis of large and small molecules, biomolecules, additives, supplements, specialty chemicals and polymers. It excels in characterizing excipients and formulations, forced-degradation studies, testing for impurities, validating cleaning procedures or evaluating final product quality. The Corona Veo family has the flexibility and performance for analytical R&D and the simplicity and reproducibility needed for manufacturing QC/QA.