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Cytomat™ 2 C-LiN Automated Incubator

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Lab Automation

Ensure a safe, reproducible process, unsurpassed temperature uniformity and stability with the next-generation mid-range Thermo Scientific™ Cytomat™ 2 C-LiN series automated incubator.

This incubator is available in various temperature ranges and gate positions for hand-off to the lab automation robot. The device can be seamlessly integrated with a mean access time of 12 sec. As the first-generation mid-capacity automated incubator with a fully automated thermal decontamination and optional controlled humidity, the Cytomat 2 C-LiN series is designed to significantly decrease the risk of contamination as a new standard.

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The Cytomat 2 C-LIN automated incubator provides an ideal safe environment for storage and incubation of assays in a temperature range of ambient +10° to 50°C, with high humidity up to 95% r.H. stable CO2 conditions and automated decontamination routine ContraCon without harmful gases.

Available Options

  • Integrated barcode reader enables sample tracking, barcode transmission, and inventory management.
  • P3-Plate detection in stacker helps to eliminate labware handling errors.
  • HydraSmart Technology for precise humidity control without heat extraction and external water tank to avoid contamination.
  • Right speed setting for the right application with individual speed setting per plate and adjustable incremental speed settings (Slow/Medium/Fast).
  • Flexible positioning inside your lab with 6 possible gate positions including underbench in a single body.
  • Solid Copper inner chamber for natural contamination prevention.

Key Features

  • Appropriate Temperature Distribution
  • Decontamination Routine
  • Fast and Reliable
  • Controlled Humidity
  • External Water Tank