Thermo Scientific™

KingFisher™ mL Purification System

Automate low-throughput sample preparation within your laboratory workflow using Thermo Scientific™ KingFisher mL Purification System: optimized for extreme flexibility. The system-of-choice for processing volumes up to 1mL, these magnetic particle processors enable all purification steps in a single-strip of five tubes, and support 15 processed samples per run. With the ability to go down to 50μL to release target molecules, samples such as DNA or RNA can be isolated and concentrated from larger starting volumes simultaneously.
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  • Offers rapid and reproducible purification of high-quality DNA, RNA, proteins and cells for various types of downstream applications.
  • Open and flexible system lets customer use any magnetic particle-based kit to meet application demands
  • Easy-to-use Thermo Scientific™ BindIt™ Software provides instrument control, protocol creation and modification
  • Ready-made protocols for different type of applications available

Recommended for:

Genomics and proteomics; Drug discovery; Forensics; Biomarker discovery; Quality control; Veterinary assays