CHO Medium

Catalog number:  670006

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Mammalian Cell Culture

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CHO Medium is a high-performance, complete, animal origin-free (AOF) formulation offering high-production yields without the need for further supplementation. This medium is formulated to support cell growth and production of antibodies and recombinant proteins in suspension CHO cell cultures. CHO Medium can be used in various culture vessels in batch, fed-batch, and profusion processes for both research and manufacturing applications.


Cell Line: CHO DG44, BHK-21, CHO-K1, CHO
Classification: Chemically Defined, Protein-Free, Serum-Free
Format: Pail
Culture Type: Mammalian
Form: Powder
Source: Animal origin-free
Product Type: Cell Culture Media

Contents & storage

Storage conditions: 2°C to 8°C. Store in cool, dry conditions in well-sealed containers.