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GeneChip™ Soybean Genome Array

Catalog number:  900525

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The GeneChip™ Soybean Genome Array can be used to study gene expression of over 37,500 soybean (Glycine max) transcripts.

The array also contains transcripts for studying two pathogens important for soybean research. Specifically, the array includes probe sets to detect approximately 15,800 transcripts for Phytophthora sojae (a water mold that commonly attacks soybean crops) as well as 7,500 Heterodera glycines (cyst nematode pathogen) transcripts.

The Soybean Genome Array was designed in close collaboration with the Soybean Research Community as part of the GeneChip Consortia Program.

Learn more about the microarray through the GeneChip Soybean Genome Array data sheet.
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Array: Transcriptome Profiling
Product Line: GeneChip™
Array Format: array cartridge
Number of Arrays: 2 Arrays
Species: Soybean