MEGAscript™ RNAi Kit

Catalog number:  AM1626

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RNAi, Epigenetics & Non-Coding RNA Research

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The Ambion® MEGAscript® RNAi Kit is for the synthesis of large mass amounts of dsRNA for RNAi experiments in nonmammalian systems. The MEGAscript RNAi Kit uses Ambion's patented high-yield transcription technology and includes reagents for transcription, nuclease digestion, and clean up. The kit includes sufficient reagents for 20 reactions.

Synthesize Large Amounts of dsRNA:
The ability to generate large amounts of clean, double-stranded RNA is essential for the success of RNAi experiments. The MEGAscript RNAi Kit allows RNAi researchers to synthesize 50 to 100 µg or more of double-stranded RNA in a single transcription reaction. The yield is typically 10–50 times the amount of RNA produced by conventional transcription reactions. DNA of either PCR or plasmid origin can be used as a template for the transcription reaction. The sense and antisense strands can be synthesized from a PCR-generated DNA template containing T7 RNA Polymerase promoters on both ends of the template, eliminating the need for a separate annealing step.
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Sample Type: Double-Stranded RNA (Long)
Control Type: Transcription Control
Shipping Condition: Dry Ice
Product Line: Ambion™, MEGAscript®

Contents & storage

T7 Enzyme Mix, 10X T7 Reaction Buffer, ATP Solution, CTP Solution, GTP Solution, UTP Solution, 10X Binding Buffer, Elution Solution, RNase, DNase I, 10X Digestion Buffer, 2X Wash Solution, and Control Template are all stored at –20°C, Nuclease-free Water may be store at any temperature. Filter Cartridges and Collection Tubes are stored at room temperature.