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Badan (6-Bromoacetyl-2-Dimethylaminonaphthalene)

Catalog number:  B6057

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Protein Labeling & Crosslinking

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The thiol reactive badan generally reacts with thiols more slowly than iodoacetamides or maleimides, but does form very strong thioether bonds that are expected to remain stable under conditions required for complete amino acid analysis. The fluorescence emission peak and intensity of these adducts are particularly sensitive to conformational changes or ligand binding, making this dye one of the most useful thiol-reactive probe for protein structure studies. The environment-sensitive spectral shift of badan conjugates may make this useful for distinguishing thiols that are located in membranes versus those exposed to aqueous solvation in cells.
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Chemical Reactivity: Thiol
Shipping Condition: Room Temperature
Label Type: Classic Dyes
Label or Dye: Naphthalene
Reactive Moiety: Alkyl Halide, Bromoacetamide

Contents & storage

Store in freezer (-5 to -30°C) and protect from light.