Thermo Scientific™

CB Omni Agile Online Elemental Analyzer

Catalog number: CBOMNIAGILE
Thermo Scientific™

CB Omni Agile Online Elemental Analyzer

Catalog number: CBOMNIAGILE
The Thermo Scientific™ CB Omni™ Agile Online Elemental Analyzer provides unprecedented configuration flexibility that provides options to suit various applications. CB Omni Agile offers not only enhanced configurability through its modern modular industrial design to suit your application, but a lighter, easier to install analyzer, with the same industry leading performance that you have come to expect.
The CB Omni Agile is a powerful process optimization tool that can be used in applications such as:
  • Mine Grade Control
  • Material Sorting
  • Material Blending
  • Stockpile Control
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CB Omni Agile Online Elemental Analyzer
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DescriptionCB Omni Agile Online Elemental Analyzer
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DescriptionCB Omni Agile Online Elemental Analyzer
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CB Omni Agile provides real-time online elemental analysis of an entire raw material process stream using a choice of Prompt Gamma Neutron Activation Analysis (PGNAA) or Pulsed Fast Thermal Neutron Activation (PFTNA) technology. Incorporating a modular industrial design, the analyzer is overall lighter and easier to install than previous generation analyzers. Unprecedented flexibility allows for the analyzer to be configured by the application and process control needs.  

Advantages of a CB Omni Agile for your process:

  • Improved adaptability allows for your process control needs to drive the selection and optimization of the analyzer’s configuration.
  • Enhanced precision blending with a potential lower cost of ownership.
  • One to four large volume Nal detectors for superior precision without the need for additional source.
  • Source flexibility means that best solution can be selected for the process and you are not tied to market fluctuations and shortages.
  • Optional comprehensive software packages add additional value to your analyzers output by making key process control decisions.
  • Design allows for easier installation and relocation if required.
  • Improved precision results in more accurate process control and quick return on investment.

The CB Omni Agile analyzers ability to blend, sort and monitor product quality, removes the need for continuous sampling and minimizes use of expensive materials. Consistent product quality improves efficiency, reduces effects of process upsets, increased mill throughput, reduces energy consumption and extend refractory life.

The CB Omni Agile not only gives you the flexibility to select the source for excitation of the neutrons but to optimize the configuration for your process.  Historically, analyzers have relied on additional detectors, or an increase in neutron source strength to achieve better precision.  The CB Omni Agile introduces configuration flexibility which allows for the applications process control needs to select not only the best source option, but the amount of source and number of detectors required.  Certain applications are now able to achieve enhanced blending precision while utilizing less neutron source which results in a lower cost of ownership.

Optional software

Thermo Scientific™ Omni View processes, displays and archives data while at the same time monitors the health of the instrument. Omni View is highly configurable and can run several remote workstations on the same network as the main operator console.  

Thermo Scientific™ RAMOS (Raw Mix Optimization Software) or Thermo Scientific™ PREBOS (Pre-Blending Optimization Software) use the high frequency analysis provided by the CB Omni Agile to automatically control feeds to optimize blend proportioning.

Thermo Scientific™ AccuLink is an automated calibration and statistical analysis tool that allows the CB Omni Agile to be continually aligned with a laboratory X-Ray Fluorescence instrument.  



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