Immune Monitoring 65-Plex Human ProcartaPlex™ Panel

Catalog number: EPX650-10065-901

Immune Monitoring 65-Plex Human ProcartaPlex™ Panel

Catalog number: EPX650-10065-901
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96 tests
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EPX650-10065-90196 tests
Price: 9,030.00
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The Human Immune Monitoring 65-Plex ProcartaPlex Panel enables the study of immune function by analyzing 65 protein targets in a single well using Luminex xMAP technology. Analyze 65 cytokine, chemokine, and growth factor targets simultaneously for efficient immune response profiling, biomarker discovery, and validation. The panel is provided in a ready-to-use format with individual vials of capture and detection reagents formulated at 1X concentration, requiring less pipetting and experimental setup. This kit is is not compatible with the MAGPIX instrument. MAGPIX users should use the Human Immune-Monitoring 65 plex Panel for MAGPIX (Cat. No. EPX650-16500-901) that consists of two separate kits: a 43-plex and a 22-plex kit specifically designed to be used on the MAGPIX instrument that is capable of detecting up to 50 targets simultaneously.

ProcartaPlex preconfigured panels are extensively tested for analyte combinability, interference, and cross-reactivity to provide the highest level of validation and precision. All ProcartaPlex panels are supplied with the necessary reagents to perform the assay.

ProcartaPlex multiplex panels are available in multiple formats across six species (human, mouse, rat, nonhuman primate, porcine, and canine).

Target [bead region]:

Cytokines: G-CSF (CSF-3) [42], GM-CSF [44], IFN alpha [48], IFN gamma [43], IL-1 alpha [62], IL-1 beta [18], IL-2 [19], IL-3 [73], IL-4 [20], IL-5 [21], IL-6 [25], IL-7 [26], IL-8 (CXCL8) [27], IL-9 [52], IL-10 [28], IL-12p70 [34], IL-13 [35], IL-15 [65], IL-16 [70], IL-17A (CTLA-8) [36], IL-18 [66], IL-20 [81], IL-21 [72], IL-22 [76], IL-23 [63], IL-27 [14], IL-31 [37], LIF [15], M-CSF [67], MIF [53], TNF alpha [45], TNF beta [54], TSLP [80]

Chemokines: BLC (CXCL13) [29], ENA-78 (CXCL5) [82], Eotaxin (CCL11) [33], Eotaxin-2 (CCL24) [37], Eotaxin-3 (CCL26) [77], Fractalkine (CX3CL1) [59], Gro-alpha (CXCL1) [61], IP-10 (CXCL10) [22], I-TAC (CXCL11) [57], MCP-1 (CCL2) [51], MCP-2 (CCL8) [8], MCP-3 (CCL7) [68], MDC (CCL22) [87], MIG (CXCL9) [69], MIP-1 alpha (CCL3) [12], MIP-1 beta (CCL4) [47], MIP-3 alpha (CCL20) [56], SDF-1 alpha (CXCL12) [13]

Growth factors/regulators: FGF-2 [75], HGF [46], MMP-1 [64], NGF beta [55], SCF [39], VEGF-A [78]

Soluble receptors: APRIL [88], BAFF [86], CD30 [84], CD40L (CD154) [74], IL-2R (CD25) [22], TNF-RII [85], TRAIL (CD253) [58], TWEAK [97]

About ProcartaPlex assays for the Luminex platform
ProcartaPlex immunoassays are based on the principles of a sandwich ELISA, using two highly specific antibodies binding to different epitopes of one protein to quantitate all protein targets simultaneously using a Luminex instrument. ProcartaPlex multiplex assays require as little as 25 µL of plasma or serum, or 50 µL of cell culture supernatant, and just four hours to obtain analyzed results.

Features include:
• Reproducible, reliable results—validated as a panel to the highest industry standard, including protein target combinability and cross-reactivity testing
• More results per sample—measure multiple protein targets simultaneously in a single 25–50 µL sample
• Well-established Luminex technology highly referenced multiplexing platform for protein detection and quantitation

ProcartaPlex assays utilize Luminex xMAP (multianalyte profiling) technology for the simultaneous detection and quantitation of up to 65 protein targets in a single 25–50 µL sample—from plasma, serum, cell culture supernatants, and other bodily fluids.
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Assay Range
See Certificate of Analysis
Assay Sensitivity
Less than 15%
Detection Method
Product Line
Product Type
Multiplex Panel
96 Tests
Multiplex Kit
For Use With (Equipment)
Luminex Instruments
Sample Type
Serum, Plasma, Cell Culture Supernatants
Sample Volume
Serum, Plasma: 25 μL; CCS: 50 μL
Shipping Condition
Wet Ice
Target Species

Contents & Storage

  • 2 vials Human Standard Mix M (lyophilized)
  • 1 vial Capture Bead Mix (1 X)
  • 1 vial Biotinylated Detection Antibody Mix (1 X)
  • 2 vials Human Control-High
  • 2 vials Human Control-Low
  • 1 Bottle Reading Buffer (1 X)
  • 1 Bottle Wash Buffer (10 x)
  • 1 Bottle Streptavidin-PE (1 X)
  • 1 Bottle Universal Assay Buffer (1 X)
  • 8-tube strip
  • Adhesive film
  • Flat-bottom 96-well plate, black
  • Store at 2°C to 8°C