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Velos Pro Dual-Pressure Linear Ion Trap Mass Spectrometer

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Blur the lines between traditional ion trap and triple quadrupole performance with the Thermo Scientific™ Velos Pro™ ion trap mass spectrometer - an optimized dual-cell linear ion trap with high-pressure and low-pressure cells.

The first high-pressure cell enables maximum ion trapping efficiency, higher ion isolation and fragmentation efficiency. The second low-pressure cell, enables better resolution and higher scan rates. All of which, results in higher sensitivity for full scan MS and MSn (Consecutive Reaction Monitoring) analysis.

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Fast, Sensitive and Fully-Featured

  • Wide dynamic range discrete dynode detection system provides up to six orders of linear quantification
  • Trap-HCD with CID and PQD, produce abundant structural information for compound identification
  • Wide dynamic range discrete dynode detection system provides up to six orders of linear quantification
  • Unique dual-pressure linear ion trap increases sensitivity, scan speed and mass resolution
  • Proprietary S-lens ion optics increase ion transmission and shorten trap fill time, improving instrument sensitivity and speed
  • Generation II ion optics improve robustness, reducing downtime
  • Predictive automatic gain control reduces cycle times, speeding analyses

Supports the Most Sophisticated Applications

  • Characterization and identification of proteomics samples with maximum coverage using complementary dissociation techniques
  • Relative protein quantification using isobaric labeling techniques
  • Absolute protein quantification using AQUA peptides
  • Identification and quantification of complex drug metabolism samples

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Accelerating innovation for ultimate confidence

Accelerating innovation for ultimate confidence

Obtain the ultimate in identification and quantitation of low-abundance compounds and absolute confidence in every result through the advanced ion trap technology of the Velos Pro instrument.

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