Protecting from PFAS – together, we can do it

Chemicals and consumables for routine PFAS testing

PFAS (Per- and polyfluorinated alkyl substances) are a group of man-made chemicals that contain at least one fully fluorinated methyl or methylene carbon atom. They are also known as the Forever Chemicals, as they are ubiquitous and persistent synthetic chemicals that are hard to break down. Due to their versatile non-stick and stain-repellent properties, PFAS are widely used in numerous household and industrial products, such as cookware, food packaging, cosmetics, waterproof clothing, carpets, mattresses, electronics, semiconductor manufacturing, and fire-fighting foams. As PFAS can be toxic to both humans and wildlife, there is an increasing need to test for the presence of these compounds in the environment and food.

What do I need for PFAS testing?

If you are looking to perform PFAS testing and are investigating the purchase of chemicals and consumables, chromatography and mass spectrometry instrumentation or data analysis software, we have you covered.

There are numerous options available for PFAS testing, with the key factors to consider being sample type (water, soil, air, food, etc.) and whether the analysis involves targeted analysis or unknown screening.

Chemicals for PFAS testing

Our ultrahigh purity chemicals and reagents are suitable for both the sample preparation and analysis of PFAS compounds.


The following products are suitable for targeted and non-targeted detection methods (including global ASTM regulations, Stockholm Convention on persistent organic pollutants (POPs), EU Drinking Water Directive, and US EPA Methods 537, 537.1, 533, 8327, and 1633).


We recommend using our UHPLC-MS grade solvents for PFAS analysis, whether you are using HPLC or UHPLC as part of your testing protocol. These products do not contain fluoropolymer liners in the caps, eliminating leachable background interfering with PFAS analysis.

Consumables for PFAS testing


For high retentivity and large volume direct injections, a fully porous column such as AcclaimTM C18 has excellent peak shape for PFAS testing. For methods where smaller sample injection volumes are employed, AccucoreTM RP-MS is recommended.

Vials and well plates

To assure a robust method with accurate results, use a polypropylene or polyethylene vial. The importance of using highly inert materials for compounds containing chemical functional groups with strong electronegativity is imperative, particularly for analytes with lower concentrations like PFAS.

Sample Preparation

To assure a robust method with accurate results, use HyperSep SPE PFAS cartridges for sample extraction. These SPE cartridges are designed to address the needs of extraction and concentration of PFAS samples for targeted and non-targeted screening while minimizing background contamination.

GC columns

The unique selectivities of these GC columns provide excellent chromatographic separation of the targets combined with Gaussian peak shapes.


To ensure best results, chose from accessories that are designed for PFAS analysis.