Rapidly obtain robust expression profiles from >20,000 well-annotated genes

Thermo Fisher Scientific’s next-generation array technology is ideal for transcriptome profiling in screening projects.


Send us your samples and accelerate your projects

The Applied Biosystems Services Lab benefits include:

  • Competitive pricing for transcriptomics studies at $99* per sample including reagents, sample processing, thorough data QC, sample table, raw data, and service fee
  • Savings on manpower, troubleshooting efforts, and capital equipment by leveraging our dedicated and experienced team
  • Reliable, automated, and optimized processes that provide high quality data, reproducibly
“Sample submission was very simple. They did all the quality testing and this is one of the reasons we used these services. No-one in my lab is an expert at deep transcriptome profiling, and because we had so limited and valuable samples, we wanted to make sure that there would be a thorough QC done and the data we got back would be of really good quality.”
—Dr. Kristin Anderson, University of Washington and Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center

Take advantage of our convenient transcriptome services solution, enabling you to increase productivity. Save time and money on your research by letting us process your samples.

  • Submit your total RNA sample in provided barcoded plate
  • Services Lab performs sample QC
  • Services Lab processes samples with Clariom S Assay and performs data QC
  • Services Lab delivers data

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