Rapidly obtain robust expression profiles from >20,000 well-annotated genes

Thermo Fisher Scientific’s next-generation array technology is ideal for transcriptome profiling in screening projects.

Take advantage of our convenient transcriptome services solution, enabling you to increase productivity. Save time and money on your research by letting us process your samples.

  • Submit your total RNA sample in provided barcoded plate and the Service lab does the rest
  • Performs sample QC
  • Processes samples with Clariom S Assay and performs data QC
  • Delivers data through portal

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Key benefits

  • Generate robust expression profiles from large numbers of samples with as little as 100 pg of total RNA
  • Ideal for FFPE studies. Sample input for FFPE is 500 pg total RNA.
  • Identify signatures and pathways from well-annotated genes with Clariom S Assays or Clariom S Pico Assays (human, mouse, or rat)
  • Analyze data quickly and easily with Transcriptome Analysis Console (TAC) software that is designed for biologists, provided at no additional cost, with no bioinformatics expertise required

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.