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Expi293F™ Cells (cGMP banked)

Catalog number: 100044202

Expi293F™ Cells (cGMP banked)

Catalog number: 100044202
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Expi293F Cells are derived from the human 293 cell line, and are a core component of the Expi293 Expression System. They are maintained in suspension culture and will grow to high density in Expi293 Expression Medium. Expi293F Cells are highly transfectable and achieve higher protein yields per cell compared to standard 293 cell lines resulting in transient protein expression yields of up to one gram per liter.

• For product ordering information, please contact us at
• cGMP-banked suspension culture cells, pre-adapted to Expi293 Expression Medium
• Derived from the same Master Seed Bank as our standard Expi293F Cells (Cat No. A14527)
• Fully documented cGMP-banked cell line
• A component of the fully integrated, animal origin-free Expi293 Expression System for applications requiring cGMP-banked cells
• A Trial Licensing Program allows you or your CMO/CRO provider to purchase one vial of cells for research use with a simple, one-time payment, enabling full evaluation before committing to a commercial license
• Flexible commercial licensing options without royalties

Frozen cells are supplied in a vial containing 1.1 mL of cells at 1 x 107 viable cells/mL in Expi293 Expression Medium and 10% DMSO. Cells should be thawed directly into Expi293 Expression Medium.

Fully documented cGMP cell line
After execution and payment for a Commercial Production License, a Cell Line Documentation Package (>200 pages and specific to the lot of cells purchased) is provided that includes the entire lineage history of the cells starting at receipt of the initial vial at Thermo Fisher Scientific through delivery to the purchaser, as well as all testing reports.

Commercial licensing that is simple, flexible, and without royalties
Our Trial Licensing Program allows you or your CMO/CRO provider to obtain cGMP-banked Expi293F Cells for research use only with a one-time payment. As you move towards commercial use, a flexible Commercial Production or Service License structure is available without the burden of royalties, keeping it simple as a one-time payment. For more information regarding our Trial Licensing Program and commercial licensing, email us at


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Suspension Cell Culture
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Expi293F Cells
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LN2 Dry Shipper

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1.1 mL (1 x 107 cells/mL), store in liquid nitrogen