Thermo Scientific™

Snap Cap Low Retention Microcentrifuge Tubes

Viscous liquids and costly reagents retained in a microcentrifuge tube effect assay accuracy and precision. Thermo Scientific™ Snap Cap Low Retention Microcentrifuge Tubes improves sample recovery without additives or coatings. The 0.6mL, 1.5mL and 2.0mL snap cap low retention tubes offers maximum sample recovery by significantly reducing surface binding.

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  • The duckbill cap reduces the pressure required to open the tube with a wider contact surface yet ensures the cap will remain closed during centrifugation
  • Low retention properties are not achieved by a coating or plastic embedding processes ensuring that samples will not be contaminated from these additives
  • Tubes will remain closed during centrifugation yet open easily with one hand as needed
  • Tubes are available in Amber to protect your light-sensitive samples
  • Graduation marks on the microcentrifuge tube allow for effective sample reference
Color/Packaging  Options
  • A variety of packaging options are available to help with contamination control in the lab
  • For stringent sterility requirements, individually wrapped sterile tubes are available
  • Color options, in addition to natural and amber, are Red. Blue, Green, Yellow and Violet and a mixed color packaging
Highest Quality
  • Manufactured from virgin polypropylene these microcentrifuge tubes ensure sample integrity during boiling, freezing, and centrifugation
  • Sterile product is certified free of RNase, DNase, DNA, ATP, bioburden and endotoxins
  • Nonsterile product is certified free of RNase, DNase, DNA and pyrogens

Recommended for:

Daily laboratory usage including centrifugation and short term sample storage.

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