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VersaTREK™ Myco Susceptibility Kit

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Clinical Microbiology

Perform comprehensive Mtb susceptibility testing with three FDA-cleared antituberculosis drugs using the Thermo Scientific™ VersaTREK™ Myco Susceptibility Kit. The kit includes rifampin, isoniazid and ethambutol.
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The VersaTREK System combines a liquid culture medium (VersaTREK Myco media), a growth supplement (Myco GS), and, for potentially contaminated species, an antibiotic supplement (Myco AS or Myco PVNA) with a detection system that automatically incubates and continuously monitors culture bottles inoculated with specimens possibly containing mycobacteria.

The VersaTREK Myco Susceptibility Kit consists of three primary antituberculosis drugs: Rifampin (1µg/mL), Isoniazid (0.4µg/mL and 0.1µg/mL), and Ethambutol (8µg/mL and 5µg/mL).

Mycobacteria susceptibility testing also requires VersaTREK Myco Growth Supplement (Myco GS, Part No. 7112-42) and VersaTREK Myco Antibiotic Supplement (Myco AS, Part No. 7114-42).

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