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Pierce™ Protein Concentrators PES, 10K MWCO, 0.5 mL

Catalog number:  88513

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Protein Purification & Isolation

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Thermo Scientific Pierce Protein Concentrators PES are disposable ultrafiltration centrifugal devices with a polyethersulfone (PES) membrane for concentration, desalting and buffer exchange of biological samples. This product has a molecular-weight cutoff of 10K, and can be used for processing sample volumes up to 0.5 mL.

Features of Pierce Protein Concentrators PES:

Rapid protein concentration—sample concentration of 10- to 30-fold can be achieved in 10 minutes or less
Excellent protein recovery—unique design minimizes membrane fouling and provides high speed concentrations, even with particle laden solutions
Instrument-compatible—use standard microcentrifuge with fixed-angle rotors; collect and recover sample without invert spinning
Versatile—easy way to perform sample concentration, diafiltration or buffer-exchange of biological samples

For easy identification, the MWCO value is etched on the side of each device. To assist with sample addition and recovery, a clear window with graduations is located on the side of each device enabling visual determination of the retentate volume. The vertical design of the membrane allows high flux rates, low non-specific binding and negligible protein aggregation on the membrane and provides reliable and consistent results for processing sample volumes between 100 and 500 µL. Typical protein recovery is 90% when the mass of the proteins in the sample is at least two-fold greater than the MWCO of the device used. Sample concentration of 10- to 30-fold can be achieved within 10 minutes.

• Protein concentration with tissue culture media, antiserum or monoclonal antibody preparations
• Concentration of protein peaks following gel-permeation chromatography
• Removal of unincorporated label following protein modification reactions
• Concentration and desalt/buffer-exchange after eluting protein from ion-exchange, hydrophobic interaction (HIC), metal chelate or affinity chromatography columns
• Separating large molecules from small molecules

Pierce Protein Concentrators PES contain a membrane rated for retaining molecules with a molecular weight at least two-fold greater than the MWCO rating of the PES membrane within the device. Reduced recovery may occur when using a concentrator with molecules smaller than the recommended mass. Protein recovery will vary depending on the specific protein in the sample and its starting concentration. To achieve >90% recovery of protein, the minimum protein sample concentration should be 0.05 mg/mL.

Pierce Protein Concentrators PES allow accurate control of the dead-stop volume (15 µL) and final concentration factor, providing reliable and consistent sample processing. They can be used effectively at a maximum centrifugal force of 15,000 x g at room temperature. Centrifugal force, temperature and sample volume, concentration and viscosity affect filtration rate. Optimize centrifugal time for each application.

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For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Column Type: Filtration, Polyethersulfone Membrane
Format: Microcentrifuge, Spin Column
Product Line: Pierce™
Purification Target: Protein
Filter Type: Membrane
Membrane Material: Polyethersulfone
Product Type: Protein Concentrator
Quantity: 25
MWCO: 10000 Da

Contents & storage

Upon receipt store at room temperature. Product shipped at ambient temperature.