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ALPS30 Manual Heat Sealer

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Lab Equipment

Protect your samples from evaporation and contamination when performing PCR or sample storage with the Thermo Scientific™ ALPS 30 manual heat sealer. Perfect for sealing small numbers of plates in low- to medium-throughput applications, the ALPS30 unit is small enough to keep on the bench and not take up a lot of space. Its simple, ergonomic manual operation provides quick, efficient sealing at your fingertips.
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  • Compatible with virtually any height microplate or block, including PCR plates
  • Comes standard with three adapters to accommodate most plate types
  • Can be operated with the wide range of Thermo Scientific heat seals for any application, including pierceable, optically-clear and permanent seals
  • Consistent heat seal provides dependable protection for your PCR or sample storage plates
  • Prevents contamination and evaporation, yielding more reliable results
  • Features a built-in thermostat to prevent overheating
  • LED indicator lights show when power is on and when unit is heating
  • Small and lightweight–easy to carry
  • Small footprint–doesn’t take up a lot of bench space
  • Three adapters included to accommodate most plate types:
    • PCR Plates
    • Deepwell plates and blocks
    • Standard-height 96- or 384-format plates
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