PureLink™ 96 HQ Plasmid DNA Purification Kit

Catalog number: K210096

PureLink™ 96 HQ Plasmid DNA Purification Kit

Catalog number: K210096
Catalog Number
also known as K2100-96
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4 x 96 preps
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also known as K2100-96
4 x 96 preps
Price: 1,728.00
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Additional Information
The PureLink HQ 96 Plasmid DNA Purification Kit isdesigned for high-throughput isolation of high-qualityplasmid DNA from bacterial cells. It can beused with a vacuum manifold or a centrifuge and iscompatible with automated liquid handling workstations.

The PureLink HQ 96 Plasmid DNA Purification Kit offersthe following advantages:
• Ability to isolate up to 10 µg plasmid DNA per well
• Designed to isolate high-quality plasmid DNA in30-45 minutes
• Minimal genomic DNA contamination in the purifiedplasmid DNA
• Compatible with automated liquid handlingworkstations
• Reliable performance of the purified plasmid DNA indownstream applications such as mammaliantransfection

Process overview
Bacterial cells are harvested and resuspended in ResuspensionBuffer with RNase. The cells are lysed using an alkaline/SDScell lysis procedure. The lysate is then neutralized andconditions are adjusted for subsequent binding. After lysateclarification using the PureLink HQ 96 Clarification Plate, thelysate is processed through the PureLink HQ 96 BindingPlate. The DNA binds to the silica-based membrane in theplate and impurities are removed by washing with WashBuffer. The DNA is then eluted in low salt Elution Buffer orwater.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


96-well Plate
Isolation Technology
Silica Plate
Sample Type
Bacterial Culture
Final Product Type
Plasmid DNA
For Use With (Equipment)
Automated Liquid Handling Workstation
For Use With (Application)
PCR, Transfection, Sequencing, Transformation, Cloning
High-throughput Compatibility
High-throughput Compatible
No. of Reactions
4 x 96 Preps
Prep Scale
< 100 µg (Small-Scale) Plasmid DNA
Product Line
Product Type
Plasmid DNA Purification Kit
Shipping Condition
Room Temperature
Plasmid DNA
Test Time
30 min to 40 min

Contents & Storage

Sufficient reagents are provided in the kit to perform 384(4 × 96) isolations.

Reagents include:
• Resuspension Buffer (R1)
• Lysis Buffer (L1)
• Neutralization/Binding Buffer (B1)
• Wash Buffer (W1)
• Elution Buffer; 10 mM Tris-HCl, pH 8.5 (E1)
• RNase A
• PureLink HQ 96 Clarification Plate
• PureLink HQ 96 Binding Plate
• Receiver Plate
• Adhesive Foil for plates