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Our selection of freezers provides safe storage for all your critical samples, offering secure features such as advanced control systems and alarms. The Thermo Scientific™ freezer portfolio consists of laboratory, enzyme, explosion-proof, flammable material, and plasma freezers for a variety of applications.

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TSX Series High-Performance Plasma Freezers
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Manual defrost -20°C and automatic defrost -30°C laboratory freezers accommodate a variety of capacities, demanding, space challenged environments, and samples and applications ranging from routine to complex.

Our enzyme freezers are –20°C manual-defrost upright freezers designed for applications in which even slight intermittent coil warming during auto defrost cannot be tolerated.

Maintain storage integrity while ensuring fast heat removal and temperature recovery. Designed to meet AABB, ANRC, and FDA standards for safety and performance. Our plasma freezers are ideal for demanding blood bank applications.

Our flammable material and explosion-proof freezers are engineered to safely store flammable and volatile materials and to prevent triggering an explosion inside or outside the unit. They are designed to meet stringent US Pharmacopeia standards for drug storage as well as NFPA and OSHA standards.

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