Microbiological Incubator

Rely on stability and innovation in incubation

Successful incubation is an essential step in your everyday workflows. Thermo Scientific™ Microbiological and Refrigerated Incubators are designed with your samples in mind to produce results you can count on.  

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Microbiological incubators

  • food and beverage testing
  • bacterial research 
  • microbiology
  • egg, fish and inset hatching
  • yeast growth
  • pharmaceutical testing 

Refrigerated incubators

  • biochemical oxygen demand (BOD)
  • growth of micro organisms
  • qulaity control in food, beverage & cosmetic industries
  • water testing
  • cell culture
  • microbiological analysis

Featured microbiological incubators

Heratherm Incubators

Our portfolio of Heratherm incubators are designed to maintain sample integrity and temperature consistency - for microbiological incubation, growth of yeast or other microorganisms, storage and testing. These microbiological and refrigerated incubators are available in various configurations and six different sizes to suit every lab's needs. Learn more about our Heratherm incubators:

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General  Protocol
Advanced Protocol 
Advanced Protocol
Security Incubators
    Table Top Large Capacity   Table Top Large Capacity Table Top Large Capacity
+18° to +40℃ ambient
+5℃ to +75℃
+5℃ to +105℃
+5℃ to +105℃
+5° to +70°C
Convection technology Peltier with Mechanical  Gravity Dual Dual Mechanical Peltier with Mechanical
Fan speed adjustable - - 6
6 speeds Gentle / Fast automatic
Rounded corners  
Microprocessor control
Automatic over- temperature alarm  
Automatic under- temperature alarm - - - -
Adjustable over-
temperature cut-off
- - - -
Access port -
Stackable - - - -
Stainless steel interior - AISI 430 /
AISI 304 /
AISI 304 /
AISI 304 / 1.4301
RS232 interface -
Internal glass door -
Easy calibration routine -
Timer: weekly/daily/real time - on / off
Programmability - - - - 10 programs, up to 10 steps
Dry alarm contact for 
connection of alarm device
- - - -
Interior outlet - - 120V models only - available
as an
Certified decontamination
- - - -
Door alarm - - - -
Lockable door - - - -
Optional stainless
steel exterior
- -

only EU version 

Connection for
optional sample 
temperature sensor
- - - -

* for US Nema 5-15, Europe CEE7/7, UK BS 1363

Precision microbiological incubators

Surround your life with some certainty using a Thermo Scientific Heratherm Microbiological Incubator. These incubators help to ensure reliable results through innovative features, and are available in four models, providing three incubator airflow technologies in a choice of six sizes.

Our double-door units provide mechanical or gravity convection with advanced microprocessor controls. These units are ideal for applications requiring excellent temperature distribution or gentle sample heating between 5°C above ambient to 75°C.

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How does dual convection airflow technology help maximize application flexibility in a microbiological incubator? 

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Heratherm microbiological incubators

Watch this video to learn how our Heratherm microbiological incubators can meet your application needs.