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Save space and achieve temperature uniformity

Successful incubation depends upon the environmental conditions. Trust that your valuable samples are safe within a microbiological incubator that provides reliable results through innovative features including dual convection technology, dual sensor alarms, and advanced decontamination. Thermo Scientific™ Heratherm™ microbiological incubators have a smaller footprint—saving space while helping to ensure safety for your precious samples.

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Heratherm™ Compact Microbiological Incubator
Heratherm™ General Protocol Microbiological Incubator
Heratherm™ Advanced Protocol Microbiological Incubator
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Surround your life with some certainty using a Thermo Scientific Heratherm Microbiological Incubator. These incubators help to ensure reliable results through innovative features, and are available in four models, providing three incubator airflow technologies in a choice of six sizes.

Heratherm™ Advanced Protocol Microbiological Incubator
Plant Growth Incubators

Our double-door units provide mechanical or gravity convection with advanced microprocessor controls. These units are ideal for applications requiring excellent temperature distribution or gentle sample heating between 5°C above ambient to 75°C.

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Heratherm microbiological incubators

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