Partner with Thermo Fisher Scientific for genetic technologies and expertise to help you launch unique products in ancestry, wellness, and traits within three months*

Whatever your customers want to learn about themselves through genetic tests, we’ll work with you every step of the way and connect you with our network of partners to create meaningful products that deliver.


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Consumer genetics contest

Submit your business idea for a chance to win a start-up package worth $25,000.
Contest extended to November 15, 2019.

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Why partner with Thermo Fisher Scientific?

Our solutions for consumer genetics are uniquely:

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Using our arrays and working together with our partner network, you can launch your product within three months*.

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Whether you need to generate hundreds of thousands of genetic markers or just a few, we have technologies to fit your product needs.

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Our genotyping solutions are the most cost-effective way to generate the data your customers require.

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You can optimize our genetic technologies for specific ethnic populations, depending on the customers you want to reach.

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Customers worldwide trust our technologies because we enable consistent, reproducible results.

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Many of the world’s most significant genomic studies have utilized our genetic technologies for research, discovery, and biobanking.


Together with our world-class partner network, we offer full-service support as you bring new products to market, streamlining the path from idea to execution.

Our solutions

Axiom Genotyping Array
The perfect balance between rich genetic content and a consumer price point

Applied Biosystems Axiom arrays are based on proven genotyping-by-microarray technology. Many of the most significant genomic research studies globally used this method, and it’s the same technology used by some of the largest direct-to-consumer genetics companies on the market today.

TaqMan OpenArray technology
An economical way to generate genetic data

Applied Biosystems OpenArray technology is an affordable, real time PCR-based technology that’s well-suited for commercial genotyping applications involving a focused set of genetic markers. 


If you’re interested in our sequencing technology as a discovery tool that is flexible for analyzing variants of interest, investigate our Ion AmpliSeq Targeted Sequencing panels. 

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*Includes time for content selection (if SNPs are established), array design, and delivery.